Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Days 23 and 24

I don't blog about politics. It is something I have said several times over - I don't keep abreast of the political issues well enough to argue my point, and there are so many people with views similar to mine who say what I want to say so much better.

That said...that said! I don't even want to start on the current presidential race, but my sweet, adopted home state has taken a turn for the crazy, and after listening to the news the afternoon, (What?! My audiobook ended, and I had nothing else to listen to!) I came home irritated. Bevins is a tool, and McConnell is acting more and more like a petulant child. "I don't like the President, so I'm just not going to do my job. Wah."

And they were working on the road off my exit, so I sat at the exit for 15 minutes trying to get home.
I may have arrived home grouchy.

Let's talk Whole30.

This is a very...craving-heavy time for me, and I had a severe hankering for grapes last night. Unfortunately, grapes are not in season, and they are very expensive. I bought a small carton of them, but I gobbled them down. These are the habits I am trying to end. Apparently, you can binge just as much on fruit as you can on white cheddar popcorn.

Yesterday I went out to eat twice - not so easy. I had a new employee start yesterday, and we always take the new employee out to lunch, so we went out with the rest of the admin staff. We tried to go to Max & Erma's, because they have a large menu, and I had scoped it out earlier. Of course, they had closed, so we had to walk across to Buca di Beppo. You know what is hard to find at an Italian restaurant? Oh yeah, food that is Whole30 compliant!. I ordered the apple gorgonzola salad, no dressing, no cheese, added chicken, and used balsamic vinegar and oil. It was fine. Not spectacular, but fine. Then, for dinner, we went out for a friend's birthday dinner, and I suggested BJ's Brewhouse, which has a huge menu. Sirloin steak, roasted brussel sprouts and roasted asparagus - delicious. I kind of wanted to cry when one of my eating companions ordered the triple chocolate pizookie (which, admittedly, I recommended). Oh, and I had soup for breakfast.

Today: chili, berries; roast with potatoes and carrots, grapes, LaraBar; roast (it was really good roast,) potatoes, bell pepper.

Yesterday I went to boot camp, today was a rest day.
This is the building next to mine. They are taking it down...it appears to be brick by brick. Sometimes, they make these horrible, metal on metal scraping sound. It would have been pretty cool if it had been imploded...

Okay, I'm going to take my grumpy butt to bed. Good night, my pumpkins.

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