Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vacation, books, and health

I'm having some trouble sleeping tonight.  I was well on my way, but my husband came into the room and switched on the tv, then proceeded to flip channels, back and forth, back and forth - I just can't sleep through that.  So I came down here to wait him out - he'll fall asleep soon.  Sucks though, I am really trying to get to sleep and a more reasonable time - before midnight, preferably, and he does not make that easy. 

They say that if you are trying to form new habits, you should make your intentions public - I am trying (again, I know, but better I try again than not try at all) to make healthy changes in my life.  Earlier bedtime is one of those habits I am trying to form - I am also working (right now) on more water and moving every day.  Yesterday I did Jillian Michael's Beginner's workout DVD, which was hard, and I am way sore today.  Today I walked on the treadmill for 35 minutes.  So we're 2 for 2.  The Jillian Michael's DVD has two workouts, one for the front of the body, one for the back.  I did the front yesterday, I plan to do the rear tomorrow.  Expect to hear a great deal of swearing.

I've talked before about my mom's health problems and my desire to avoid them, but I also have read the research, and have the experience - a person who is focusing on her health and who has a regular exercise routine has less depression and anxiety symptoms.  The past six months have been tough, I'm not going to lie, and if getting off my butt is going to help, I am going for it.  Of course, that is easier said than done - I've known this little tidbit for a long time, and you notice how many times I have started and stopped a health routine (for those who don't know - lots,) but I've been seeing a therapist, and I am getting older, as are my kids, and we need me healthy.  It's hard work, though.  Please feel free to occasionally kick my rear.

Speaking of kids - here is The Girl, playing with her grandpa's dog, Riley.  She loves dogs, and they are more willing to do what she says than our cats.  Unfortunately I am terribly allergic to dogs (I had to leave shortly after this picture was taken) and we can't have one (yes, I know how odd it is that I can have cats.)  My husband had his vacation last week and we went to central Illinois to visit his family.  They are fab people, but I did inform him that next vacation we are going somewhere where family does not live.  I am all about saving money, but I really want vacation.  Soon.  At any rate, because I am allergic to his dad's dogs, I spent a lot of time at husband's grandma's house.  We always stay with her, and she is a lovely, and truly classy woman.  We chatted, but both of us are readers, and that quiet house was perfect for reading.  I finished four novels in the 6 days we were there.  One was The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern - one of my new favorites. 

Anyway, I'm going to meditate briefly and go to bed.  Husband should probably be asleep by now and I can turn off the freaking All-Star game and get some sleep. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Busy busy June.

 Hello my lovely friends.  We're already mid summer, and I've not posted much of anything.  It's been hot.  It's been hot everywhere, I understand.  Bummer.  Here is a bit of a rundown of our summer thus far.
The Girl went to sleepaway camp for the first time this year, the end of May.  The Boy has been going to 4-H camp for years, and this was his first year as a junior counselor, which he enjoyed, and her first year as a camper.  She said she did the challenge course, wood burning, canoing, and lots of swimming.  It was actually quite cool - as you can see, she's wearing a sweatshirt on her last day.

The next week was Relay For Life.  I've been babbling enough about it here, you all know it is a 12 hour fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.  It was my first time on the committee, let alone as chairperson, we were a new committee at a new location.  And it was the best Relay yet.  We came to enjoy working together, which apparently showed, according to some of our oldest participants.  We had great music, an amazing speaker, the weather was awesome.  My team made crafts to sell - my A friends and I made purses out of pants to sell.  Unfortunately we only sold 2 at Relay itself, so I still have 12 left - I made some from my old Army uniforms and others from jeans and if you know anyone who is interested in purchasing a purse, please let me know, they are really cute.  We're almost at our goal, financially, so if anyone is interested in donating...ahem...

 Baseball is finally over, hooray!  The Boy's team didn't do well, but he pitched very well this year, so we're proud.  Although this was definitely a test of his ability to get along with other people - he didn't like some of his teammates, and he wasn't always quiet about it.  I'm trying to teach him to effective communications - he is not exactly open to the lesson...

 The Girl's team did do pretty well.  The first game of the tournament they were down 3-0 in the 2nd inning.  She had not been hitting well all season, but she steps up to bat with the bases loaded, and hits a high line drive to center field, over the fielder's heads.  She tied up the game, and then the rest of the players seemed to remember how to play baseball.  They won the game, 14-7.  They finally lost in the 3rd game of the tournament (thankfully.)  She is ready to move on to softball for next year, so hopefully she'll enjoy that more.
The rest of June was spent chauffering my Girl around - she went to soccer camp, basketball camp, and circus camp.  She loves Circus Mojo camp (that's her on the bottom left.  It was the best picture I got of her at their final performance.)

So that was June.  I'll share more of our summer later.  I need to go upstairs and finish making dinner.  Hungarian beef stew.  In 100 degree weather.  Thank goodness for air conditioning so I can make stew in the summer.