Wednesday, September 21, 2011

An Evening in the Lap of Luxury

This is the Girl. With her peanut. The Girl won our school's PTA drawing for tickets to see the Reds play the Astros last night.
The tickets were in the Champion Club section, which pleased my people to no end. There are many buffets in the Champion Club. My people love buffets.
The seats had cushions! I love seat cushions! We also got to park at the park (never parked closer than a mile away,) and ride an elevator to the section. Apparently the two guys in the elevator who were chatting with my Girl were the announcers. My Guy was pretty amused that I had no idea who they were. I was irritated he didn't tell me - I would have taken pictures. Which is why he didn't tell me. Did I mention the seats had cushions?
Our PTA is awesome. How can we possibly go back?
Oh, yeah, and the Reds won.

Saturday, September 10, 2011 far

I love autumn, and I've always treated September as a sort of second New Year's - a time to revisit my life this year. I will go through my resolutions from January and see where I am, try and get things in order again. I didn't really make many resolutions this year; in fact I cut down on my resolution-making and tried to simplify a bit, since each time I blew a resolution, it was another chance to feel like a failure. Not exactly an uplifting way to live life. But lists are fun, and I can't seem to break the resolution habit:
I grew something from seed. See those cucumbers the Girl is holding? Yup. Grew them. And the beans from my last post. And they were mighty tasty. Check!
I did start an exercize program and worked very hard on getting some weight off. I did well for a few months, and then I stopped sleeping, so I stopped working out, and I gained back most of the weight. I'm starting again - adding a few healthy habits at a time. This week? 3 days of exercize, 48 oz water, and 8 hours of sleep. Every day.
I've been looking for a new job. My job at American Cancer Society was eliminated on August 31, and as of that time I only had one job offer, which I decided to turn down. Right now I am subbing for the school district (classified sub - staff support and paraeducation) which is interesting, but I would very much like to find something permanent. Fingers crossed, friends.
My efforts to add a bit of creativity each day have been an epic fail, however. Which is sad. You would think I would be more attentive to something so nurturing to my very soul, but alas. I will strive to move this item further up the list.
Some little summer list items - I will be attacking my storage room this week and adding things to my garage sale pile - which is growing exponentially. I believe the garage sale will have to be held in two weeks - I need to get this stuff out of my garage. It's supposed to be warm this week, so I will definitely make the popscicles. And did you see my cucumbers?
Other craziness: the kids are way busy since school started. The Boy is playing golf and baseball, and he's on the academic team, so I've been chauffering him about regularly. The Girl is playing soccer and loving it, and she is enjoying her new teacher. She got A's on her first science and math tests - go Girl! We do have to work on her reading a bit - she is good at it, but I have to remind her to do it. She would rather play outside with her friends, or draw, or teach school to our cat Finnegan, which is very amusing to watch. Last week he learned all about the phases of matter, and the difference between a physical property and chemical property. An odd one, my Girl.