Friday, December 31, 2010

Resolution Report Card

A favorite of mine, Crafty Chica, did this on her blog. Now, you all know I love my resolutions - love thinking about what I'd like to change about myself, the sense of optimism I have at the beginning of a new year. Two years ago I wrote a long-ass "I suck" treatise on what I needed to change about myself. Last year I was a little more realistic - not saying I improved the self-esteem any, but dwelling on my own shortcomings is not a happy way to start a year, so they were short and sweet. Here is how I did this year:

1. Get a job. Make money. Buy less.

B+. I got a job, and made some money, although I did not really buy any less, in fact I probably bought more as I needed some clothes for work. I am also looking for another job right now, as this one was always temporary, it just stayed temporary for longer than I thought. I would like to keep the resolution as it stands - definitely buy less - but also add in "make a large dent in the credit card debt."

2. Exercize more. Eat less. Weigh less. (bring down the cholesterol.)

F. F-, because I didn't even get my cholesterol checked. I did start doing Zumba more often, and I will continue that, because I love it. This resolution stays, and I'm going to quadruple my efforts on it. I had some problems with my leg this year, and I've found that if I bring down the weight it hurts less. This is something I have full control over, and I need to take that control.

3. Take time to be creative each day.

C for effort, D for results. I enjoy it and it makes me happy, so I'll keep it on, and add "use my brain and be happy."

4. Blow something up.

F. Didn't get to it. Probably taking this one off, as it seems to have lost its importance this year.

This is probably the worst report card I've ever gotten. But isn't that the way I've performed the past few years? But that's ok. I'm refocused. I'm ready to face down my own inner demons. I'm ready for a solid year of self-improvement.

But evening of debauchery.

Ok, maybe not debauchery. It's hard to debauch when one is spending the evening snacking and playing games with one's kids and mom. Pathetic, you say? Perhaps to all you party animals out there, but I'm looking forward to my little family New Year celebration.

Later this weekend I have some pictures to post, but for now, have a safe and happy New Year!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thank*ful Thursday - Holiday version

1. Saw a decent movie with my stud the other night - Serenity, based on the Firefly series. Now I want to watch the series.

2. Got a huge new pile of books from the library today. Let the vacation reading commence!

3. Woke up uber-early to finish my shopping this morning before work. Didn't find the gift I was looking for, but did get all the makings for Christmas dinner, and for fudgy gifts.

4. FOUND the present!

5. Finished all my wrapping today...and I have tomorrow off to drink coffee, read...oh, and clean.

6. A cuddle with my kiddles before bed.

7. My mama is out of the hospital. Yep, we had to take her in Sunday night - she was having chest pains she thought might be a pulled muscle, but she wasn't sure, and we just don't mess with chest pains. The experience, while familiar, was not comfortable - they were in the ER from 11PM to 8AM before they finally put her in a room. She didn't actually get to see a doctor until 8PM! The good news, though, is that she did not have another heart attack, and while they may have detected a leak in a valve of some sort, it is something they can test after the holidays, and apparently, may be treatable by medication. So, keeping fingers crossed.

Here is our favorite Swedish winter guy - the Tomten. I love that he has a goat.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Some fun recent stuff

We did some ice skating recently. Few falls happened. Here are some pictures:

Today the temperature was below 20. This is the first time since I've lived here that it has gotten this cold this early. This is winter as I know it - cold and nasty. That doesn't mean I like it.
I had a very bizarre job interview on Friday. I waited 2 hours to talk to someone for 15 minutes. It was a very interesting job, but the fact that they forgot about me probably does not bode well for my chances. I really think that while I would certainly do that job justice, the guy was looking for someone younger and more willing to jump at his command.
I got my hair cut on Saturday. I had them cut 6" off. I am loving it. They also waxed my eyebrows. That was my first time - I was a waxing virgin. Totally worth it - I love the look.
Why on earth am I listening to Bill O'Reilly?
My husband has asked me to try making turtle candies. He loves them, and I've never made caramel from scratch. So I've decided to take my happily empty Saturday, buy a bottle of wine, and work on caramel-making. And maybe some baking. I haven't done any baking this year, a fact that embarrasses me. I always bake this time of year. And I have not made many of my gifts this year.
I started a new knitting project yesterday. The Girl asked for a scarf of her own. I made myself stop after casting on 25, which will make an actual scarf, rather than a massive, 3 skein wrap. And I'm attempting to stripe it, which is quite the endeavor for me. I'll have to find a YouTube to teach me to purl next - the husband called me a one-trick pony since I can only make one thing.
Well, it's time to burrow under a blanket with a hot chocolate and a book. Have a happy wintery evening.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A most excellent weekend

First of all, I want to address my cousin's comment about feeling up the gnome. I snickered with delight. You are humorous. Now get your resourceful ass on the case, please.

Anyway, this was an excellent weekend. Friday night included hot chocolate, very light reading, and much snuggling. Saturday the kids played in the first snow of the year:

Then I took the kiddles off to my mom's, and the guy and I went to our first holiday party of the year. And a fabulous party it was - everyone new and liked everyone, nobody standing awkwardly off to the side, there was plenty of alcohol and karoake! I sang two excellent female power anthems - "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" and "You Oughtta Know." I'm pretty sure the women of the party scared several of the men with our spirited Alanis sing-a-long.

Today included some crafty goodness with my sweet friend, A, and a yummy lunch. I also finally gave up the meanest mommy award and we put up the tree. I am a very easy going tree person - the ornaments are clumped together, and I will likely leave them that way:

followed by Boggle and hot cocoa and Simpsons. A very nice way to top off the weekend.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Fill-ins, and some other stuff.

I enjoy the occasional Friday Fill-in.

1. The best thing about a birthday celebration duh. Presents.

2. I cannot avoid, so I try to embrace...the passage of time.

3. I went shopping recently and the most interesting thing I bought was...sadly, cat food. I have holiday gifts to buy, so I'm holding off on the extras.

4. Boggle is no child's game in this house, my friends.

5. And as for this weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to chilling a bit more before bed, tomorrow my plans include putting up the tree and the first, and best, holiday party of the season, and Sunday, I want to lunch and get crafty with my good friend, A! Hooray!

Also, since I'm horribly inconsistant with blog updates, I should add that the boy got his braces off a few weeks ago!

Now, I'm off to scour the blogosphere for some interesting handmade gift ideas, as well as a felt gnome project I know I saw somewhere....