Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Day 3

Holy hangover, Batman! I woke up feeling shaky and nauseous, and two minutes into my workout I was pouring sweat. Like cold, nasty, I'm going to yarf, sweat. A friend met me for boot camp this morning, and I felt like a big baby with all my whining (and excessive sweating.)The idea of eating eggs made me sick, so I went very easy with a little chicken and a banana, and then a cup of warm bone broth (that I made myself, thank you.) I felt less shaky after that.

I never thought to take pictures of food today (I did later when I got to snuggle one of the precious newborns in my life after work, which was the "sweetest sugar of all," according to my friend L.) Lunch was the same as yesterday - the chicken salad with the spinach and bell peppers, and that chicken salad is mighty tasty. I don't care for the Whole 30 mayo on its own, but mixed with other stuff works. Dinner was on the run, as I was visiting babies, so it was the rest of the chicken and leftover broccoli from last night. I ate while driving, which is not so good, but it was either that or not eat at all, and then I had some olives when I got home. Now I have tea, and it is lovely. I ate some of the apple rings and almonds and cashews today, but I wasn't as hungry. Probably because I started the day feeling like I had taken down a fifth of vodka?

I've had a few people ask about the snacking thing - is snacking not allowed?
The answer - it is recommended that you eat 3 meals per day and limit snacking, but it is not a rule (they are very definite about the difference between the rules and recommendations.) The reasoning they state in It Starts With Food is that the fasting period between meals keeps your hormones in a healthy rhythm, and it helps promote mindful eating. I am a binger, and this is the #1 reason I am giving this program a try. I tend to binge on snacks, so focusing on eating mindfully is extremely important if I am going to get anything out of this. Today at 2:00PM, I found myself reaching for my baggie of nuts, and desperately wanting the chocolate I asked my coworker to hide in her office. I made myself stop and figure out what the issue was - I wasn't really hungry. I am just used to snacking in the afternoon. Snacking ALL afternoon. That is a habit I need to break.
That said, I also need to figure out what size these meals need to be so I am not whimpering with hunger 2 hours later.

When I got home tonight, I put chicken in to marinate for tomorrow night's fajitas, and I am really looking forward to those.

Welp, I've got a book to read, and I may fall asleep right here, so I'm off. We'll chat tomorrow...


rlo said...

Haha! You had a co-worker hide your chocolate....

hi_missy said...

Heck yeah, I did. She didn't do a very good job, either - I saw it on her desk. But I did not eat it.