Monday, February 25, 2008

Great Wailing Sobs of Woe...

My hard drive has crashed. I have no computer access, unless I go to the library. Everything I did not back up (which was, stupidly, everything) is gone. All my pictures since September are gone, which is the most devastating. Soooo, I will not be able to post for a few days at least, until we get a new hard drive and everything up and running. Mayhaps I need a computer of my own...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

David Hasselhoff...and other musings...

Who was your childhood crush?

I was a Knight Rider freak. I remember being 7 and 8 years old and Sunday nights were reserved for Knight Rider viewing and David Hasselhoff drooling. He was my first celebrity fan letter...I was never answered, but he retains that special place. So Sunday night I watched the new Knight Rider movie on wasn't great...but I couldn't turn it off. It's just too much a part of me, I guess. The new Mike is a cutie; probably too young for me, but that's alright, since David Hasselhoff is too old for me. And the new KITT is hot...gotta love that Mustang.
Anyway, in other news, my mother got an apartment. She will be moving out on Saturday. She has been a decent roommate, but it's time for my little family here to get our house back. There's nothing more regressing than having your mom live with you. And not being able to go to bed without making sure you kiss her goodnight. So, this is a happy development. Anyone want to help us move her?
Have a super fantastic Tuesday...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

May your day be full of lurrrve.
And chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Exasperating men.

So tomorrow is Valentine's Day. A lovely day, to be sure, and you all know how much I love presents. One downfall to this whole "happy married couple" thing, though, is that I have to get HIM a present, too. And he doesn't get excited about anything. He doesn't want me to spend too much money, he doesn't wear cologne or jewelry, or any other accessory for that matter, save socks. I am a firm believer in the idea that Valentine's Day remain a hosiery-free gift day. So socks are out. He doesn't have a big sweet tooth, his hobbies are expensive (golf and computers), and he buys all his own stuff anyway. So, what to buy or give to the man who doesn't really want anything. To the man who will open whatever I give him and respond with, "huh. thanks...what's for dinner?"
Do you see my dilemma?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Snow Day, lalalalala

Ok, so I'm not really as thrilled as it seems...this isn't even a good snow day. It's all rainy and icy, and gross. I have a living room full of smelly boys playing Wii. So I'm hiding in the basement with my trusty blog. Thought I'd take a few minutes to update everyone on what's doing around here...

My mom put an application in at an apartment complex. Please, everyone, keep your fingers, toes, and every other crossable appendage...crossed that she gets in. It's time for Mom to move into her own place...for the welfare of all concerned.

I joined the Self Challenge today, and I am recommitting myself to a healthy lifestyle. Darnit. I will lose this freaking weight. Although I was proud of the number of pushups I was able to do this morning. I kicked Monkeybutt's...butt. Which is sad for him, he really needs to work on that upper body strength.

Still haven't found a job. Haven't really even tried, but I did update my resume. I think it sounds good. I'd want to hire me.

Wow. There really is nothing to say. Not even about my darling offspring, besides the fact that they are driving me up a wall...but this is nothing new. Ok, well, forgive my devastatingly boring life, I'll try to do something amazing today and write about it tomorrow. Kisses...

Monday, February 4, 2008


I have many guilty pleasures. Tonight's guilty pleasure: the true haunting shows. I watch them all: Ghosthunters, Ghosthunters International, Most Haunted, Paranormal State...I'm watching Paranormal State right now, and the dogs will not go in the house. Very spooky. They can be very silly, and my studmuffin makes fun of me constantly, but...what can I say? I'm addicted.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Science Fair Fun

So, today was the science fair at Monkeybutt's school. He and Studmuffin built a contraption to test how changing the shape of an object changes its drag. They used the blower for our air mattresses and PVC pipe - everything they do uses that blower and PVC pipe. And duct tape. Gotta love duct tape.

Anyway, you can probably guess (since MB's 10 and all) who came up with that particular idea-my studly engineer of a husband. They put together the idea, and then SM started in on MB for not just jumping in and doing the project. He didn't even know what drag was, let alone how to build a contraption to test it. So they finally started building and experimenting last weekend, just in time to completely stress me out over whether or not he would get it done in time. He wrote the paper two nights ago. I wonder where this procrastinating streak comes from (says the girl who once sat up all night to type a 20-page term paper - the only assignment for the entire class, and one we had had three months to complete.)

Anyway, here are some photos from the project. Here's hoping the judges see the genius....

MB dropped an object (marble, golf tee, small disc) into the top of the pipe. He then marked the spot where the the object hovered. He compared the measurements to determine how shape affected the drag on said objects.

Edited to add: Whoohoo! He placed 2nd!