Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Whiny Vent About the Weather

So it's wicked cold outside and I'm already tired of it. I really do belong in the tropics or something, this cold is doing something to my brain. I had two great things I wanted to blog about last night, as I was falling asleep, and I cannot remember either topic. Which is irritating. So all I can think to blab about is how frickin' cold it'd think after living most of my life in Chicago I could handle a little chill, but no, not me.
Have I mentioned I hate the cold?
I'll come back when I have something constructive to say.

Halloween pics

I was reminded recently of the fact that I had not yet posted pics from this year's Halloween. Naughty me! I don't actually have any of Monkeybutt - he dressed up and trick-or-treated with a group of friends - but the fairy princess is my Girl Child. Isn't she just magical?

Her friend in law enforcement is our neighbor.