Sunday, February 14, 2016

Days 13, 14, AND 15

The days are getting away from me, which is probably a good sign, since it means I am not thinking of food morning, noon, and night. This past week I have eaten WAY too much fruit. WAY too much. The mandarins and berries at book clubs, then Friday night I had some friends come down and I bought berries and grapes, and I ate most of it. Apparently, fruit, particularly berries and grapes, are one of those things I will pick at and pick at until it's gone, and I have. I don't do that with apples or oranges or bananas - I can stop at just one of those. Ok, so that's something I'm learning.

Friday meals: chicken potato and spinach soup and coffee with almond milk; chili, apple, olives; chicken, fajita veggies, potatoes; a lot of fruit.

Saturday meals: chicken potato and spinach soup and coffee with almond milk; cruciferous crunch with balsamic dressing, chicken salad; hamburger with tomato slice and pickles, french fries (yes. I know. while the ingredients were compliant, french fries really are not allowed. I am not starting again, but I will not eat french fries again, either.) Picked at grapes.

Sunday meals: I fried up Aidell's chicken & apple sausage with leftover potatoes, onions, and peppers. (I do not love the Aidell's chicken & apple sausage, so I won't be buying that again.) Chicken salad and small container of berries. Pork tinga on roasted sweet potatoes, broccoli & cauliflower. Grapes, on a plate this time.

Ok, so, lesson 1: If I buy grapes, I cannot wash them in a colander and leave them on the counter, because I will pick at them all day. I have to wash them and put them into a bag and put them in the fridge. If I buy berries, I should either buy a small container, or put them in a container, in the fridge. They are healthy but A. they have a lot of sugar, and B. they are reinforcing bad habits.

Ooh, I did some yoga today, as well. It felt excellent, and it was funny, as Dutch had no idea what was going on, so she wound around my legs and arms, and then perched on my back when I was in Child's Pose and meowed.

Did some food prep today - roasted 2 chickens, stripped the meat, and put the carcasses in the slow cooker with veggies for all night stock. Roasted broccoli and cauliflower for the week. Tomorrow I will make up chicken breasts, more chili, ranch dressing, and salad greens, for sure. Maybe more of my soup, as it uses up a lot of ingredients, but I don't know, I think I need something else for breakfast. I might try making a cauliflower fried rice.

Plans for this week - cut back on the fruit, obvs. 1 or 2 pieces a day, tops. Up the exercise - last week was lazy lazy lazy. I will go 4 days this week. Also, concentrate on my water intake a bit more - probably because I didn't work out as much, I didn't drink as much water this week. I'm really bad on weekends. I also drank a few kombuchas, which are good for a treat, but I had 3 this past week, which is really too much for me. I really want to finish strongly.

Every time I buy a couple of Larabars for myself to keep on hand just in case, my daughter steals them. This is very irritating.

Ooh, so, today is Day 15, and I am now halfway through! Huzzah!

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