Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Things I Miss - A List

Some items we picked up from our local flea market.  My husband has become quite the super-stoked picker.  I was just excited to find the Peanuts glasses.  Kool-aid just tastes better when drunk from a Peanuts glass.

When in doubt about what to write, make a list.  I'm feeling a bit nostagic today - probably the weather.  I've loved autumn, ever since I was a kid.  Having kids of my own means I get to experience some of that childhood glee again, but nothing is ever the same the second time around.  So here, in no particular order, are some things I miss:

1.  A new outfit for the first day of school
2.  Visiting small coffee shops with my college friends - you know, the ones with castoff furniture you can sit in for hours.  There was a place in Wheaton called Bean Wild...
3.  Getting real, handwritten letters.  My cousin and I wrote back and forth for years, and no e-mail thrilled me as much as those envelopes.
4.  The smell of my grandparents' house.
5.  The energy of my younger body
6.  Some of those friends I never see - Facebook just isn't enough
7.  My children as babies
8.  Telephone conversations that lasted hours.  I don't have the desire to sit on the phone that long anymore.
9.  Camping with my brothers and sisters
10.  My brothers and sisters
11.  Being able to stay up past midnight and not suffer for it.
12.  Portillo's and really good pizza from down the road
13.  Canoing small rivers in Wisconsin with my dad
14.  My old job
15.  Feeling like I'm really good at something
16.  That moment before your first kiss with someone
17.  Knowing I'm younger than all the other parents in the class (ooh, I miss that one.)
18.  Smorgasbord with my family on Christmas Eve
19.  Conversations with my Grandpa
20.  Possibilities, the kind you only can feel when you begin your twenties.

Please don't get me wrong, I am actually quite happy with my life - much more content than I was in my twenties.  Sometimes, though, a little melancholy nostalgia is a lovely indulgence. 

What are some of the lovely little somethings that you miss?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Another "I Love Kentucky" Post

My husband, kids, and I went disc golfing the other day.  It was really just a chance for me to take my camera out for a long, hilly hike.  And irritate my son with my less-than-stellar disc golfing skills.  I can't discount the joy of irritating my son.  So here are some of the pictures I took. 

My silly girl, striking a pose.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Thank*Full Thursday

It's been awhile since I've written one of these, and they are good for the soul.  Today I am Thank*Full for:

1.  Basketball!  My Girl's basketball team finally won one tonight, thanks in no small part to her four baskets and excellent ball-handling skills.  She rocked that court tonight!

2.  Hot beverages and warm sweaters.  The mornings and nights are getting brisk.  I love fall.

3.  My firepit.  I love the feel of a fire in the fall, and I don't have a fireplace.  Which is fine - an outdoor fire is lovely, too.

4.  My planner and calendar, and paper on which to make lists.  I may have signed myself up for way too much this year, and things are starting to slip through the cracks.  I've been keeping a notebook nearby, so I can write things down as I remember I need to do them.  Yikes, just the thought of that list makes my head hurt a little more.  Deep breath, one task at a time...

5.  Big baby belly laughs.  Playing with the twinlets this evening made my headache fade into the background.  Those girls and their giggles fill me with joy.  I love being an aunt.

See?  My soul feels better already.  What are you thankful for this week?

Monday, October 8, 2012

When I don't feel like cleaning...

I was just cleaning up in my craft area and I got bored, so I thought I'd blog.  Last week I was having anxiety attacks - a lot of little problems were adding up to major stress.  My car broke down - lots of smoke and leaking bits adding up to a $600 repair bill.  Yikes.  My cats got fleas, and with 6 of them, that is a lot of work.  I'm still vacuuming daily.  I went to Nashville for a convention for Relay leadership, which was interesting, but a little overwhelming.  Some kiddle problems, allergies, bills...basically a lot of little adding up.  Bob Ross always said, "There are no problems in this world, just happy little troubles."  Bob is full of wisdom.  Too bad I don't always pay attention.

Anyway, feeling better now.  Some of what's been going on this past week:

Went to my friend's wedding this past weekend.  First of all, my husband actually went with me, which was lovely.  He does not enjoy weddings, but he seemed to enjoy this one.  We were in Madison, IN, and the ceremony was at a fountain downtown.  We went on a trolley tour of the town, which was amusing, and had dinner at the "historic" Madison Tavern and Hotel.  We finished the evening at a small winery - the day was full of joy.  We are just so happy for our friends.

Just watched "Battleship" with the family tonight.  It didn't completely suck, which was a delightful surprise.

I've been subbing more lately, which I've enjoyed.  I'd really like to get on full time somewhere, but I do enjoy working at the different schools.

My friend A and I are planning to work on the Girl's bedroom for her birthday.  We're going to go through her stuff and organize it nicely, then paint the walls.  She's been wanting her room painted blue for years, but she tends to be such a mess, I've never gotten around to it.  My friend was helping me with the flea issue last week, and mentioned she'd have an easier time keeping it clean if we organized it.  It's nice to have such lovely friends who are willing to work so hard with me, right?

I love fall.  I especially love fall in Kentucky.  I found myself feeling the need to take my camera for a walk today.  I didn't have time today, but this will have to happen soon.  So expect some photos to be posted in the next few days...