Sunday, February 7, 2016

Day 8

Hello. Happy Superbowl Sunday. There is some heavy duty sportsing going on right now. I am rooting for the Panthers. They seem like a nice group. I'm not actually going to watch, though, so we'll see what happens.

Today was food prep day. Here is a picture of my completely packed refrigerator:

You can see salad greens, soup, chicken salad, roasted potatoes, chili, ghee, Sunshine Sauce...and a bunch of other stuff. Also, Parmesan cheese, which I am not allowed to eat.

Today's food (that I ate):
Breakfast:  Banana (I just wasn't hungry) and coffee
Lunch: lunch was kind of spread out, which is not what I am supposed to do, but I had stuff going on. I made this wicked delicious chili for lunches this week, and I had a small dish of that. The recipe is also at Green Lite Bites - Whole30 Go-to Chili. Oh, it is good. Even my husband liked it, and said he would eat it again. I also ate some berries, and then I went to Mel's house for a Whole30 kickoff party, and we all brought something to share. I made Sunshine Sauce (from Mel Joulwan), and brought veggies to dip. The sauce is good, but it is missing something - I haven't figured it out. Maybe a little salt - coconut aminos are not as salty as soy sauce. There were also grilled shrimp, dump ranch, sauteed potatoes with sundried tomatoes, brussel sprouts cooked with prosciutto, and more. So some snacking ensued. Healthy snacking, but snacking.
Dinner: World's Easiest Crockpot Pork Roast (yum), green beans cooked with onions in ghee, roasted potatoes and carrots. That was a tasty dinner.

I am satisfied, my fridge is full, it's been a good day. I walked with a friend this morning, saw my baby sister this afternoon, talked with my son and some friends online this evening. Now it's time to spend time with my husband and daughter. Have a good night.

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