Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Days 10 & 11

Yikes, sorry guys! I didn't get home until late last night, and I just did not feel the blogging. I've had my first true tests this week - back to back book club nights Monday and Tuesday. Monday night was my MOMS Club book club, for which I did not finish the book, but I will, because it is really quite good. I brought Sunshine Sauce and veggies, and some was eaten but not much. Still haven't figured out what is missing. One of the lovelies brought cucumbers dusted in some delightful seasoning just for me, because she knew I could eat it. Because she is fabulous, and she reads this blog - you are fabulous! Someone else brought fruit, and the host had an iced bowl of mandarin sections. I ate all of the strawberries, which are surprisingly delicious right now, and probably half of the mandarins. Then, luckily, we stepped away from the food to discuss the book I still haven't finished, which helped my need to pick at all the food. There were other things that looked delicious, but I kept my eyes to the produce.

Last night was classics book club, and the host made a compliant, rice-less jambalaya. It was fantastic, but not as fantastic as she is for thinking of me. There was also bananas foster trifle and homemade chess cake, and I faltered...oh I wanted a lot of both, but instead I took down a very large bowl of berries. In other words, I really kind of failed at the spirit of the Whole 30 last night, but I stayed compliant according to the rules, so I am going to call it a win, and move on. Today has, honestly, been pretty rough. About 50 different times today I considered just stopping this whole thing, but I have never gotten this far along on an eating plan, so I will keep trucking. Supposedly, Days 10-12 are the days most people quit, so perhaps, if I get past tomorrow, I will be good.

So, food for the past two days:
Tuesday: meal 1 - the rest of the chicken, potato, kale soup; meal 2 - chili, orange, apple rings, nuts; meal 3 - veggie chips, salsa, mountain of berries, jambalaya

Wednesday: meal 1 - broth, chicken, carrots, banana; meal 2 - chicken salad, salad greens, bell pepper, balsamic vinaigrette, orange; meal 3 - olives, Egg Roll in a Bowl (new recipe).

Right now I'm making another pot of the chicken, potato, kale soup (with spinach.) The Egg Roll in a Bowl was decent - I don't think I love the coconut aminos - they are supposed to be like soy sauce, but they are really sweet, and it tastes odd. It would probably have been better with Sriracha (all hail the mighty Sriracha), but it is not compliant, so...there is a recipe for compliant Sriracha, but I am kind of over making stuff this week.

I have 4 katrillion loads of laundry to fold, and I have to portion out my delightful soup (which would also taste good with Sriracha), so I must be off. Have a spicy night...

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