Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy happy spring!

I love spring. It looks like it may even start acting like it soon. Here, from my seat in my writing dungeon, I can see a corner of lovely blue sky and fluffy white cloud. It's a bit chilly, but the sun is shining, and nothing is frozen, so we are good.
I hope all who celebrate it had a Happy Easter. We did, it was lovely, with lots of family and friends and chocolate. I worked hard and cooked a lot, but it was worth it. The fact that today I am still clad in pajamas and have barely moved my rear from chair or bed is making up for it.
I shall post pics of egg hunting later, but for now, I must get back to the kiddles. It is the first day of spring break, after all.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Big Snow

Any of you living in this area can attest to the fact that we had over a foot of snow dumped on us between Friday and Saturday mornings. Serious snow. Snow like I haven't seen since I lived in Chicago. Like, years ago. I can't say I was thrilled, I am not a winter lover, but I had to suck it up and traipse around looking for sleds, as our one was not going to cut it. I finally found a place and picked up two new cheap plastic tobaggans. (one even looks tie dyed - pretty wicked). Anyway, so Girlchild and I get home Friday around noon to wait for the Monkeybutt - who was being released from his educational prison 3 hours early. The Studmuffin comes in the back door, all but radiant in his obvious joy, shouting, "let's go!" I informed him, he must wait for the boy to come home, so he shovels down various plastic containers of leftovers while rambling on about this very "cool" racing sled he picked up for $50 at the sports store (so now we have 4), and whining about the fact that I refused to go. May I repeat, I am not a winter lover. The boy arrives home, they all suit up, and out they go. 1 1/2 hours later, they are home. That's with a stop at the grocery. Studmuffin said it was cold up there. Duh. Lightweights.
Anyway, Saturday was another day full of snow. I spent the morning shoveling - managed to clear 3/4 of my significantly sized driveway - when my new very best friend (sorry Toad) arrived on his 4-wheeler and suggested he finish it. I was all for that. I enjoy shoveling, but that was a wicked lot of snow. I am the first one to make fun of boys on their toys - there are 7 neighbors on this street alone with 4-wheelers, and we don't exactly live in the country nor do we get more than a few days of snow a year - but I was loving that machine on Saturday. Anyway, I spent the rest of the day playing Wii with the fam and scrapbooking. I got most of my wedding album done. Feeling pretty fabulous about that, and I'm having to hold back from finishing it, as I have an overnight crop this Friday and I need something to do for that. I'll have to post some pages later, I'm pretty pleased with my progress. It was funny, I'm go to this website, Two Peas in a Bucket (if you're a scrapper, check it out, lots of fun), and one of the woman there started this Scrap Secrets blog - similar to Post Secrets - where you design and send in a postcard with your deepest darkest scrapbooking secrets, something you could never tell your non-scrapping friends. One of the secrets mentioned she wished she could get married again so she could scrap the wedding. And I totally understood that this whole weekend - my pictures from my wedding sucked. I was not a scrapbooker, I was young and trying to save money, and I totally scrimped on my photographer, who ended up biting. My sweet cousin had me shoot her wedding, and I don't know who fabulous the pics were, but she at least got most of the shots she wanted because she made a list of exactly what she wanted. I would so do that. Maybe I would have gotten a few pictures of my husband and I at our wedding. And less pictures of the cleavage of one of the guests (the photog. got smashed 1/4 through the reception and started taking some very odd pictures.) I would be a total photo tyrant now...but I would get what I want. So...I've had to be extra-creative to make the crappy pictures look better.
Anywho - yesterday we went sledding. I definitely need to work out more...climbing that hill over and over wiped me out, and my quads are killing me today. But in a good way. And almost all the snow is gone now. I was tromping around the backyard today in snow boots and a sweatshirt (and pants), it was so warm, but still slushy and wet. That sounds naughty.
I think that's enough for today...this is longer than my average schpiel. And I want hot chocolate. Have a nifty evening...
ooh - I did take pics, by the way. Expect those later.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

My Studmuffin is the Neatest...

So, he did something to the computer...and somehow managed to get things working again. I very quickly backed up all my pictures onto a disc. I am so very much happier.

I spent the rest of the morning thanking him...wink wink.