Thursday, January 31, 2008

A List of my Favorites - Part 1

I love lists. I write them for everything: to-do lists, grocery lists, goal lists, gift lists...lists are my solution to my often-chaotic mind. They help me create order in my own crazy little universe. This post is inspired by a recent editor's letter in a favorite magazine - they were doing the entire issue on their favorite things, and she wrote a list of some of her's. Not her favorite foods or shows or Webkin names - just her favorite things at that time. So I thought I'd list some of mine-for now.

1. Dane Cook. He make me laugh way hard. And he was on this past weekend, so he's fresh in my mind.
2. Diet Cherry-Vanilla Dr. Pepper. My favorite diet pop.
3. The Dresden Files books. I'm totally digging on these right now.
4. Real Simple magazine. The afore-mentioned favorite magazine. I read it cover to cover.
5. Double stick tape. I've been using it for all my scrapbooking, and Monkeybutt used it to make his display board for the science fair. Which is NOT one of my favorite things.
6. My MOM'S Club. I've made so many friends and had so much fun with this group over the past 3 years.
7. Hot cocoa with marshmallow fluff.
8. Organizing books, publications, websites - I'm addicted. I'm particularly fond of books and magazines about organizing craft supplies. I like to drool over entire craft rooms. Someday. Like when the kids move out?
9. Accordian Folders. I love them. I use them for everything.
10. Office Supply Stores. They are like a shoe store to a shoe addict for me. Forget shodding my big honkin' feet, give me office supplies.
11. Presents. I love presents. That one will never change.

I think this will do for today. Besides, I have a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallow fluff and my next Dresden Files novel waiting for me upstairs.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Search is On

Well, it's official. My husband and I had a discussion this morning and I need to start looking for a job. A real, outside the house, will pay me wages, job. This is of itself does not bother me; I actually like to work, I like people, I love to learn...and I'm bizarrely organized for a chaotic chick like me. I love the idea of bringing some fundage into the household, Monkeybutt is in school all day, the Girl Child is 5 and will be starting school soon...and is ready to be with other kids all day. I would prefer staying home with them until next year when they start school, but I have yet to find any viable work-from-home options I actually think I would be a blessing to any company that would hire me...and therein lies the problem. Who will? I haven't worked outside the home in eight years. I've spent the time raising my kids, playing with other people's kids, taking care of the homes, etc. I have been organizing MOM'S Club events the past few years, I taught VBS and Sunday School at a church when I lived in Illinois, sat on committees, etc. I've organized crafts and storytimes, but how will that translate to me landing a job I could be happy in? I'm not a teacher and I don't have my Bachelor's (only my Associate's). I figure my best bet will be a friend or acquaintance who knows of a someone looking for an efficient, friendly, fast learner (is this reading like a resume yet?) to work for their company. I will keep you all up-to-date on my progress. Wish me luck...


Are they really a difficult thing to teach? I mean, I am the first to admit parenting is hard work, my kids are far from perfect, etc...but please and thank you were just automatic lessons as soon as they were old enough to talk. And it wasn't difficult..."what do you say?", "good job", etc. A child came by 15 minutes ago to sell Girl Scout cookies. I wouldn't have bought any, but the kid is the daughter of a friend of a friend...and my mom yelled for me to come up "Girl Scout cookies...." So, as my mother peruses the order form I say hi to the kid (not returned), ask her what's going on (mumbled "I'm selling Girl Scout cookies, obviously"), etc. So I look at the form, order 2 boxes, and hand back the form. She turns around and walks away. No thank you, nothing. She hasn't even hit the snotty tween ages yet...I wanted to grab her and ask her "what do you say?", but I didn't...but I did come down here to vent to all of you, my fabulous readers, who no doubt had your children (if you have any) saying please and thank you in the womb.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Must See Comedy!

My darling baby sister took a group of us out Saturday night for a wild comedic and musical experience. If you live or travel in the Cincinnati area, I highly recommend you check out Shadowbox Cabaret in Newport, KY (there's one in Columbus, too; I have yet to attend). It is a sketch comedy and rock and roll club in a cabaret-like setting. The actors and musicians also work as waitstaff, sales, kitchen help, and greeting, giving guests a chance to interact with the performers all night.
The show we attended was Holiday Hoopla (running until 1/17). Holiday-themed sketch comedies were interspersed with holiday music played by their amazing band, with some incredible vocal talent. Musical highlights included a jazzy version of Silent Night, a very sexy Merry Christmas Baby (these women can sing, seriously), and the very powerful Christmas in Sarajevo (an instrumental by TransSiberian Orchestra, and these guys nailed it - I was breathless by the end.) I laughed uproariously through most of the sketches, but my favorites included a play on "It's a Wonderful Life" (includes guy stripped down to underwear, definitely worth the price of a ticket), a sketch involving a gangsta-style Santa ("don't #$%! with Santa"), and "Santa Babies" - three female lounge-style singers, doing various holiday songs (my favorite was definitely "Low Rider")...they were so freaking funny, I was crossing my legs to keep from peeing my pants. Seriously. I had to bolt for the bathroom as soon as the show was over.
The food was ok, nothing to write home about (although the brownie sundae was pretty fab), but you don't go for the food. Go for the amazing music, go to pee your pants laughing, go to ogle the very cute guitarist, who I intend to take home with me sooner or yourself, boy, I will be back...or the seriously gorgeous women, for my male readers. These female performers were pretty lovely - and looking at their arms made me want to go work out right then. They were totally cut.
So - to sum up. Shadowbox Theater. Go see it. Totally hilarious, very talented group of people...bring your friends, family, whatever (I wouldn't bring the little kids, though.) Check them out at You do not want to miss this.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The stars at night...are big and bright...

You all remember the Alamo scene from PeeWee's Big Adventure, right? Deep in the heart...of Texas...Of course the Alamo is in San Antonio, a place I have never visited, although I'd like to. We did, however spend a week in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area with my very sweetest, bestest friend in the whole world, a woman I lovingly refer to as Texas Toad, or TT for short, as these aliases are getting a bit long to type.
Anyway, I've heard it said that Texas is a beautiful place...although I doubt they were referring to the DFW area. It's pretty much a big sprawling strip mall, from what I could see. And it is as flat as Calista Flockhart, bless her heart. (I say that now because I live in Kentucky, and that makes me southern, get it?) Anyway, I know flat, I'm from the Chicago area, and that is as flat as it comes. And pretty darn ugly. But that's another story for another day. At any rate, the DFW area is not what I'd call pretty, but the weather was pretty enjoyable for late December.
My poor sweet TT had to work some of the time we were there, and the rest of it, her poor lovely husband had to work. I got to spend a lot of time bonding with my sweet little petunia of a godbaby, and I think she liked me pretty well by the time we left. Watching Monkeybutt and Studmuffin bonding with her was even better...they were very cute. TT's son is my Monkeybutt's best friend, and everytime they get together, it is like they never left each other. It is really amazing how well they get along, when they only see each other twice a year. But they are best friends, and I can see that friendship lasting forever. It's pretty heartening. And I got to spend New Year's with my favorite friend.
All in all, a pretty freaking successful trip. Toad, thanks for a great time.

Monday, January 7, 2008

A New Year!

Whoa, nelly, does time fly when you're having it's been more than a month since my last post. Sounds like I'm going to confession, right? But no penance for me, it's my blog, I can do what I want, darn it.


So, HI all my sweet, lovely readers, I've missed you all. It's been...chaotic, to say the least. First off, happy whatever lovely winter holiday you celebrate to all of you. My kids and I have fun celebrating several. The Girl Child had great fun setting out carrots for St. Nicholas' horses on December 6, and then finding the carrots gone and a basket of goodies in its place. We do St. Nick's day a little different...he leaves a basket of baking supplies and ornaments, as well as a new stocking for my mom, which she was pretty freaking thrilled about. Apparently, she's never had her own stocking. Who knew? Of course, now the Girl Child is convinced the gifts are left by the horses themselves. Ok, whatever makes her happy.

My dad turned 60 and we went to Chicago to celebrate that. My brothers and sisters went together and got Monkeybutt a WII for Christmas...the only thing he actually asked for...and they wanted to see him open it, so he got that early. I had told him there was no way he was getting it, they were all sold out everywhere, so it was a pretty wicked surprise.

We also played dreidel and told the Hanukah story and lit candles and talked about the solstice. I'm an equal opportunity reveler...I celebrate everything, as long as I know the story.

We celebrated Christmas with my nephew and his adoptive family (read: new, extended family) on the Solstice as well. We ate some wicked good enchiladas and carne asada, cheesecake (drool), opened gifts, and visited for hours. We are so blessed that they have become a part of our lives. The nephew is getting so big, and is such a joy to be around...he laughs at everything. He also eats everything, but that's another story.

Christmas day was...eventful. We had some unfortunate family stuff air out and dealing with that made for a rather miserable day. It was unfortunate, but probably not material for this blog yet...maybe later, another day, another year...Things are better, though.

The next day we left for Texas to visit my very most favorite friend, my Texas Toad. And my most very sweet goddaughter. Have I mentioned how sweet and cute and fabulous she is? I think this trip deserves a blog of its very own, and I don't have time tonight, so I will continue all this when I have another few minutes.

To sum up...happy holidays, Happy New Year, hectic, fun, very cute babies, WII. That will do for now. Good night, darling friends, and I will get on here again very soon. I swear. Pinky swear, even.