Monday, February 8, 2016

Day 9

Oh my goodness, I almost went to bed without posting. And that would be a catastrophe.

I just returned from another fabulous book club evening. I did not finish the book, which is very unusual, but now I am even more excited to do so. It's a good one - The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. There was a lot of wonderful food, most of which I did not eat (which is hard when your friends have culinary talents which far surpass your own), but I brought veggies and Sunshine Sauce, another brought cucumbers (specifically for me, the angel she is), and two brought fruit. I may have gone a little nuts on the mandarin oranges and strawberries.

Other meals for today:

Breakfast: coffee with coconut/almond milk, chicken, potato, spinach soup
Lunch: fajita chicken and veggies with potatoes, orange
Dinner: chicken verde with potatoes and sauteed spinach in garlic, olives

No workout today, I totally overslept. I'm up late tonight, and won't be making 5am tomorrow, either, but I think I may hit the 5:30PM class before classics book club (sorry friends, I'll wear extra deodorant.)

I have no pictures from today, but we talked about travel tonight a lot, and I was reading about one place I want to visit, which led to another, which led to somewhere else I think I'd like to visit:

Devil's Tower in Wyoming. You remember Close Encounters, right?
Ooh, speaking of which, have you been watching X-Files lately? What do you think? It's so quirky and weird, I'm kind of loving it.

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