Monday, February 1, 2016

Day 2

Only 28 to go. I thought of food all day, and I have a headache. But I really can't complain yet, it's only 2 days.

This was breakfast - Trader Joe's Cruciferous Crunch sauteed in ghee, roasted sweet potatoes, and two fried eggs, with a few olives. It was good. I drank my coffee with coconut cream and a bit of cinnamon, and it wasn't bad. I had chicken salad I made with the Whole 30 mayo, spinach, bell pepper, and an orange for lunch. That was also good. Then a piece of pot roast with broccoli and roasted potatoes for dinner. I couldn't eat the sauce with the pot roast, and it was a bit dry, so I used Tessamae's barbecue sauce, which is meh. Date paste is a bit of an acquired taste, apparently.

Here's the kicker - I was starving between the meals. Like, my stomach was growling, starving. Which makes no sense, as the meals seemed fairly large, but I was so hungry. It's hard to determine if I just can't judge an appropriate meal size, or I really do need to eat more. I did end up eating a handful of almonds and cashews in the afternoon, and I had an apple after dinner with my tea. Which, I think, is not the point. Argh. Ok, but I can do this.

What works well is that this is the week I do manager assessments for my staff, and I do have a tendency to be too nice in these things, so maybe this is the perfect time to be depriving myself?

You all remember Dutch, right? Our pretty little pumpkin girl that joined our family in August?
She's on the top bunk.
Well she is not as snuggly as I like - during the day. But around 3AM, she jumps up on my bed, and purrs, and rubs against my face and meows her little peepy meow in my ear, and she does not want me to go back to sleep. This happens about 3 times a week. Sometimes more. And I try to explain to her that I need to sleep, and she just doesn't understand. She thinks, well that's silly, why don't you just take many naps? Wouldn't that be lovely?

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JessieZ said...

Sounds yummy! Are you not supposed to have snacks between meals??