Saturday, August 2, 2008

Girlfriends and good reads

Today the kiddles and I booked up north to visit some new friends for a picnic. It was supposed to be a family event, but my studmuffin bent over today. Silly man. Anyway, I left him drugged and prone and groaning and hauled butt with the kids, some random beer and soda and a bag of chips to meet a group of women I've never met face to face. We had a lovely time. My son was quite taken with one of the young ladies there and happily discussed books and music with her, whilst my daughter played with every little girl she could find, and their mama babbled incessantly. We discussed books for awhile, which, coupled with a few hours of meditative mowing this morning, is the inspiration for this post.
Most of you who actually know me know I am an avid reader. This is not to say I read large amounts of great literature - I don't. I love chicklit, romances, and murder mysteries as much as the next person. But I read - a lot. Whenever I get the chance, really. Right now I am reading 4 different books, plus whatever magazines I happen to have on the table (I am also fond of periodicals, and I don't mean Scientific American, either.) So I have decided to present to my sweet readers my top 5 favorite books - right now. Please understand, this list changes from week to week - so the "right now" is important. Although #1 has been #1 for 15 years now. And anybody who wants to recommend a book - please do. I love recommendations. I generally read them. So here thay are:

My top 5 favorite books (right now) are:

5. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling (The entire series was just so entertaining and well-written, but this was my favorite story of them all.)
4. Last Chance to See by Douglas Adams (I love Douglas Adams and have since I read his Hitchhiker series during my "I love geeks" phase in high school. He is by far the most quotable author I have ever read. This book is his account of a trip he took to see and document some of the worlds' most endangered species. It is a serious book, but written in his famous satirical prose; highly enjoyable.)
3. The Stand by Stephen King (favorite King book, ever. I know it was long - but could you tell a story like that in less pages? I didn't think so.)
2. Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert (Perhaps this book is not for everybody. I loved her writing, but it was more than that with this book. As a person on a spiritual quest of my own, I read this book at the exact time I needed to, and it gave me a renewed energy and purpose.)
1. The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood (My favorite all-time book. Has been for years. I have since read everything Ms. Atwood has written, and this one is still my favorite - for the story, for the use of language, for the sheer beauty of description. I truly love this book.)

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