Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wow. Babble much?

So last night I stayed up late, thinking because my kids are at my mom's, I could sleep in, right? Wrong. Woke up coughing this morning (lingering cough from a nasty attack of asthmatic bronchitis), couldn't get back to sleep. I paid some bills, wrote up a whopper of a to-do list...and got on here to ramble. So here are some random thoughts that have entertained me thus far this morning:

1. A few years ago, I saw my first hummingbird. Seriously. I never saw one in my entire life until I moved to Kentucky. I planted red glads and the hummingbirds loved them. So this year I planted more, and my first blooms opened this week. This morning I was gazing out the window, wondering when I would see one - and there, happily sucking nectar from my first open glad, was a hummingbird. It tried the red hibiscus, too, but that didn't seem to work well. I paid some bills, looked up again, and there was another one. Kind of started off the morning on a nice note for me. I love those quick little birds.

2. It is so gorgeous outside. I went out to put something in my car, and it is sunny and warm, but not nasty hot and humid. I think at one point today I'll take my book out onto my back porch (have I ever waxed euphoric on this forum about my lounge chair on my back porch? I inherited from my grandparents - it is rather ugly, but probably the most comfortable chair I've ever sat on. I've been known to take a blanket out in chilly weather and lay on that chair reading for hours. My brother has slept overnight on that chair.)

3. I really need to start keeping some caffeine in this house.

4. My mom sells Avon and every so often, she will buy my kids useless Avon trinkets. My daughter has this Valentine's day snowglobe/music box thing that plays this very annoying electronic sounding version of some annoying song. Loud. Would she notice if I disposed of it today? Unfortunately, my mother probably would. Ok, just took out the batteries. There is certainly a better use for 3 AAA batteries in this house.

5. This basement is a serious mess.

6. Lately I've been addicted to strawberry Twizzlers. I eat way too many of them. They are perfect scrapping food - no crumbs or finger gunk. They can't be good for the teeth...

7. Speaking of teeth, my beloved girl-child has a cavity. A big one. I feel terribly guilty (should have paid better attention to the brushing), and she seems to be going through an "I'm afraid of everything" phase right now, which has prompted the dentist to suggest actually putting her under to treat the cavity. I've been stressing pretty heavily about this one.

8. I should probably get upstairs and begin my day, so I'm going to stop rambling now. Perhaps a photo? This is my snuggle-pumpkin girl-child, just after her first birthday. So freaking cute.

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