Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Good job, Girlchild!

My daughter had a cavity. A big one. I could actually see it when I looked in her mouth. I felt horrifyingly guilty...how could I neglect my daughter's oral hygiene to that point? Anyway, lately she has been going through a fearful phase - everything scares the child. She wouldn't let the dentist clean her teeth the last time we were there, he had to use a toothbrush. So, understandably, the dentist was a bit worried that she would freak out when he had to fix the cavity. He suggested we make an appointment to have her put under at Children's and he would fix everything then. But I was a bit concerned about insurance, etc. You can see I really obsessed about this entire thing. I decided to make an appointment at the office for a regular pulpectomy and crown (pulpectomy - isn't that a disgusting word?) and proceeded to obsess and worry myself sick about the whole thing for 2 weeks.

You guys, she did great. I told them to take her in without me; I knew my presence would just make her nervous. She went right in and they did the whole thing with no crying, no screaming, no tantrums. I am so proud of her. She now has a silver crown on her molar, and hopefully will not have another cavity for a long time.

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writtenexpressions said...

She's more of a trooper than I am . . . I got my first cavity (a very tiny one, according to my dentist) when I was 19, and I cried. I've since had 2 more very tiny cavities, and I still freak out about having them filled. I wish my dentist would offer to put ME under . . .