Thursday, July 31, 2008


It is terrifyingly late (for me, anyway), but I felt like writing a bit...
Tuesday was a lovely, rather free day for us. The kiddles and I had lunch out and finished the Monkeybutt's school shopping - all the fabulous pens and notebooks and whatnot an incoming 6th grader could need or want. I love nothing more than school supply shopping time. The schools offer the "convenience" of prepackaged school supplies - there is nothing in this world I want less, save a raging case of the ebola virus, perhaps. I relish school supply shopping - I await the supply list with all the anticipation of the next installment in a favorite novel series. It was a good time had by all. Even my beloved girlchild got a large vat of cheeseballs - her favorite snack - and one only available at the local price club (which we do not have membership for) or the local Staples.
Following a most successful and pleasing office supply shopping spree, the kiddles and I headed out to the music store where we obtained for the monkeybutt...wait for it...his rented saxophone. Yes, my friends, my darling son has been waiting 3 years to become an official band geek, and his first choice instrument was the saxophone, much to the delight of his jazz-loving mother. He was assigned his first choice, and we got it yesterday. I can't say enough about how great the guys at Wert Music in Erlanger were - they showed him how to put it together, care for it, and actually make it play. They also offered two "kick-start" lessons, so he can learn more about his new instrument, and maybe actually play a note or two before school starts. He was so excited about his saxophone, that as soon as he came home, he took it out, put it together, played on it a bit (who knew the saxophone could be so loud - even when played correctly without a squeak - of course, my kid is a natural, we all knew), took it apart, cleaned it...the boy is in love. I couldn't be more pleased.

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