Friday, August 29, 2008

blah blah blah

She used to be a sleeper. She would sleep until 8, sometimes 9AM. I guarantee, if we had somewhere we needed to be, she would be sleeping late. There are two mornings a week I should be able to sleep until 8 - why are these always the mornings my irritating little girl-child wakes up early? And of course she's grouchy as all get-out, whining about everything. Add to that, I woke up with my sinuses draining. Ow. And I'm having an ecxema breakout on my left palm. What the hell is that about? Everytime I'm forced to wake up early I get on here and ramble.
Last night I worked on straightening out my basement. It was a royal mess. It looks much better now. Then I worked on a "favorites" layout. It's missing something - I'll work on it later. I have no pictures to scrap right now...what a bizarre feeling.
Have I mentioned I'm coaching Monkeybutt's soccer team this fall? What a freaking joke. You all know I've never played soccer (other than in gym class), right? It's kind of a trip, being called Coach, though.
We're off to the fabulous metropolis of Peoria tonight, so I have to accomplish some muy importante tasks today...packing and whatnot. Ah, Peoria. The home of Caterpillar, Richard Pryor, the guy who played Winchester on MASH...what a city.

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Jenn said...

Let the good times roll!! Sounds like the fun is starting for you and your dear family. Congrats on getting some of your procrastination items accomplished (a/k/a flying). Hope you enjoyed the time in Peoria.

And congrats to your GirlChild for being so brave!! She's really growing up now, isn't she???