Thursday, August 14, 2008

One Proud Mama

Ok. I don't really get a chance to brag on the monkeybutt much. He's a great kid and all, but a bit of a challenge, as those who know him...know.
But he deserves some kudos. So I will provide them.
Earlier this summer we had a garage sale. I told the kiddles whatever they sold, the money would be their's. Monkeybutt is passing up the little boy toy stage - he doesn't really play with cars, Beyblades, most action figures, etc, anymore (sniff.) So he sold a whole buttload of stuff - and decided to donate half of what he earned to our local animal shelter. Any other money he earned this summer, he put half into his animal shelter pot. This past Tuesday, after getting his school schedule and paying his fees for (sniff) middle school (small sob), we picked up a big bag of dog food, a chew toy, and took those and the money he raised (doubled by his animal-lovin' momma) to the animal shelter. They were very pleased to get it, and we spent the next 1 1/2 hours snuggling dogs, puppies, kittens...and mourning the fact that we couldn't take them all home. I think Monkeybutt would tell you - all that snuggle time was more than worth the work he did to earn the money.

By the way, for those of you in the Northern Kentucky area - the Boone County Animal Shelter has a large number of kittens in right now, and they all need homes. So they are doing a 2 for 1 deal - adopt 1 kitten, take a 2nd home free. Please, if you are looking for a pet, think about adopting. There are too many homeless pets out there. Just ask my Monkeybutt.


writtenexpressions said...

That was very nice of MB--tell him his godmother is proud of him. Is your mom ready for another cat (or two, because who can pass up a BOGO offer) yet?

Jenn said...

How cool is that? He has such a good heart... as does his momma.

I can't believe he's in middle school now. Enjoy this time with him - it's a really cool time in a young man's (or woman's) life.