Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Random bits and giggles...

Both cars are sick right now. Luckily, one is less so than the other, so I took the Saturn to the shop yesterday. The water pump needs to be replaced, and the shop we generally use does not have the "tool" to "hold back the cams", so we had to bring it elsewhere. Today, elsewhere called to tell me there is a second, much worse leak under the manifold, which will cost an additional buttload of cash. Sigh. Hopefully car #1 will be back tomorrow, so I can bring car #2 to the shop to sort out the bizarre clunky, groany noise it's been making...

Girl Child and I went to a women's basketball game at NKU on Saturday. We had a great time, and she informed me that basketball is her favorite sport. NKU won, hoorah!

I feel cold, constantly lately, which kind of sucks.

I haven't had any photos developed lately, so I haven't scrapped in weeks. How very sad.

I have a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallow fluff waiting for me upstairs. I must go wrap myself in a blanket and savor. G'nite.

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