Thursday, March 5, 2009

And I MISSED It...

Several blogs I read participate in "challenges" of sorts; posting a photo that displays a particular color of the week and whatnot. A few weeks ago was yellow week, which I felt no real desire to participate in, only because yellow just doesn't look good on me. I kept thinking, "green. I'd do a green week." I even considered doing one of my own, because I'm all about being a self-starter, people. But then I skip over to Shining Egg today, and darn it if this week wasn't green week. And I missed it. That's me all over, a day late, a dollar short.

Oh well. I'll just have to do my own green week, darn it. Maybe next week.

I've been slowly but surely tackling small hurdles in the very large project of cleaning out my garage. Or at least getting it to the point where I can see what I need to organize. The other day I (finally) cleaned out the bin I defrosted my turkey in. From Thanksgiving. Scrubbed and Lysoled and stored it in my basement. Yesterday I decided to tackle the box of pictures from my grandparents' house that sis#2 gave me (ahem, 3 years ago) to put in some order so she could scan them all. I had all my picture sorting supplies gathered - photo safe boxes, pen, note cards...and I found one layer of half-full brag books, mostly pretty new pictures, just from the few years before they died. So I dig down further, find a box full of letters and cards - again from the last few years. One box within the box left - and this one held 2 very old Arliss cameras, 2 photo albums (one of my grandmother's childhood in Sweden, one of her aunt's young adult years), Grandma's high school diploma, report cards, yearbook, and my father's baby book. What treasures! My son was fascinated ("what's 'shorthand'?") to look at the report cards, and when he questioned a few of the grades, I had to explain that she had only just come over from Sweden right before high school. English was a second language for her. I had to pack a lot of it up for my dad, but I feel very lucky just to have been able to look through it all.

Speaking of Sweden, and more specifically, Swedish words, in perusing more blogs (I swear, they are my crack), I came across a particularly charming and useful word I plan to incorporate into my life and lingo: the word is "fika," pronounced "feeka," and it means to go out for coffee, or have coffee (or some other beverage, and perhaps a treat), and chat, with friends. What a lovely place, to have one word to describe that particular happy occupation so simply.

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