Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Favorite Spot

I love my house. I spent most of my life in apartments or a small - really small - condo, and while they were always home, there is something to be said for having outdoor space of your own, as well. Even if you do kill most of what you plant.

Anyway, yeah, love my house. It's bigger than anything I've lived in before, big enough so everyone can have their own space (and their own bathroom, which admittedly, isn't so great, as, guess who gets to clean them?) Not so big that it is intimidating to clean. Which just blows that excuse out of the water...
One of my favorite spots in my house is my kitchen table. Specifically, my chair at my kitchen table. (Apparently it is a good spot, since when my mom lived here she adopted my spot as her own. And, well, she was Mom, so she trumped me.) But it's mine again, haha! Gaze upon the peace and loveliness that is my spot:

My spot. Studmuffin and I bought the table right before we got married. I would love something more rustic and interesting (although, how much more rustic can you get than paint stains and gashes and divots from various household projects?) But this table does have a certain nostalgic value.

The Stinky Pear tree outside my window. It's awfully pretty, though.

Daffodils, Hyacinths, and my lilac bush. When the lilac blooms, the fragrance wafts right through that window. Lovely. And my mom gave me solar powered outdoor lights for Mother's Day this year. Aren't they pretty?

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