Saturday, January 8, 2011

Scenes from the holidays


I thought this looked cool - the lights of the Christmas tree reflected in the window with the snow...pretty. When we lived in Chicago, we were constantly driving to someone else's house for holidays. Now that we live here, we rarely travel on the holidays themselves. Thanksgiving and Christmas are always here, and family members are welcome to come stay as they please.

Mom, brother, sister, and brother-in-law were here Christmas day to eat much food, open presents, play games, and enjoy much holiday merriment.

We had a heck of a time keeping Finnegan out of the tree. He makes a lovely ornament. Although, kind of freaky with the eyeshine.

The day after Christmas we drove to Peoria to visit Marc's family. We spend a lot of time playing Uno and Rummy, while watching his 21 year old cousin text. They are fantastic people and we love them. We went bowling this time. I don't believe I even got to 100.

I asked very nicely for a desk at which I could do all my home and volunteer paperwork. And I have a lot - between Girl Scouts, Marketday, MOMS Club, bills, school kitchen table was constantly covered. So now I'm slightly more organized.

My niece came to visit from Louisiana for the week. We hung out New Year's Eve - did our nails, ate a lot of crap, played more games. I love the fact that having kids gives me an excuse to be a complete dork and not go out on New Year's Eve. Not that I don't enjoy a gathering of friends or something, but big bashes and crowded bars give me hives.
Dude. I am so not cool.

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