Saturday, January 15, 2011

New to me: This week

This week has been an adventure, my friends. So much, just in my little corner of Northern KY, to experience, and this has been a week of new experiences. And what kind of world dominator/friend would I be, if I didn't share these experiences with you...
So, beginning from the beginning of the week:

1. County Cafe: Those of you who are friends with me on Facebook know my family and I tried the County Cafe, located in Florence, KY, on Tuesday. This used to be Double Decker, which we all know sold lovely, enormous sandwiches for decent prices, and was hugely popular, at least amongst my friends. They closed in the fall, and we all mourned. But mourn no longer, my lovelies, County Cafe sells the same food, same basic prices, just a new owner. We almost wept with relief. But we didn't. Because tears would have ruined our sandwiches.

2. "Despicable Me." Loved loved this movie. I found myself shushing my kids so I could hear the kids' movie.

3. Washed breast prostheses in the kitchen sink with a sponge and dish soap. Left to dry on a towel on the kitchen table. I know, this was also a Facebook update, but I felt it was such an odd part of my worklife, it should be repeated.

4. Saturday Sweets: a candy/ice cream shop who also sells gorgeous cupcakes, also in Florence, KY. They are tucked into an obscure strip mall on the Pleasant Valley side of the Oak Brook subdivision. I went in, just to check it out, and they were hosting their first kid's birthday party. I can imagine that may be something my daughter would enjoy - will definitely keep it in mind.

5. "The Social Network." Watched it tonight. Definitely made me think. I kind of felt dirty logging onto Facebook after that. I got over it, but still. Having had many superbly intelligent friends over the years who were perfectly capable of feeling mentally superior but still being able to maintain some semblance of a social life, I wonder - was Mark Zuckerberg's character just written to be an arrogant jerk who started Facebook out of a need to be popular and an inability to connect to other human being in the real world, or is that the way he is. I suppose a movie about a perfectly nice guy who has a cool idea would not be very interesting. Musings aside, the (1!) guy who plays the crew-rowing, lawsuit-bringing twins, Armie Hammer (fun name) is seriously hot.

This next week will also bring some interesting new fun: The office is closed on Monday so I'm taking the kiddles bowling at the new place in Newport (they have couches!) Thursday I have a happy hour AND a Mom's Night Out - it is a party time for Missy. I am still looking for a new job, by the way, if anyone is looking for a fabulous assistant, but I'm with the American Cancer Society for now. We are gearing up for Relay season, which means I will have plenty of work to do, which makes me happy.

Anywho, gotta go entertain my guy, so you all have a great night.

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