Sunday, January 30, 2011

Here in my car...

work, kid's schools, basketball.
Baseball, academic team, golf.
Soccer, PTA, more work.
Zumba, grocery store, gas station.
Out with friends, more work, library.

Like most modern moms, I spend more time in my car than I like. Several meals, the occasional clothing change, a lot of hauling happens in my car. I refer to my car as the pimpin' blue van, my husband refers to it as trash pit (I'm not exactly a neat freak. But, hey, I can usually find a tissue, a beverage, or a spare pair of socks if need be.)

Bizarre things I found in my car today:
  • Roll of toilet paper
  • 3 plastic containers of cat litter
  • a towel
  • a Barbie head (my daughter hasn't played with Barbies in 2 years.)
  • 3 perfectly brand new crayons
  • 4 empty water bottles (the refillable kind. They are washing right now.)
  • 3 baseballs, a soccer ball, 2 bowling balls, a football, and 1 - yes 1 - golf club. I'm thinking weapon.
  • 7 socks - from 7 different pairs - all dirty.

Favorite things about my car:
It used to be my grandparents', and I am convinced Grandma still haunts it on occasion, as the doors lock randomly without me pushing any buttons, or any automatic function. Which is rather inconvenient when I'm warming up the car.
It was free, and it's big enough to lug around my kids and their friends.
My Cubs fuzzy dice hanging from the rearview mirror.
My Peace frog magnet - it causes people to come find me at the library or grocery store "I saw your van in the parking lot - it's the only one with the tie-dyed frog on the back." Definitely helps a social butterfly like myself.
I've "read" a lot of audio books while in that car.
It has been a means of transportation for a lot of family experiences - sports, vacations, life in general.

Now, keep your fingers crossed my well-used baby gives me a few more years...


benjamin i periko said...

are you silly?

Leisa said...

Well, if you sum up the amount of time modern moms spend in their cars, you can consider family vehicles as a necessary extension of the home. For this reason, it is not surprising to hear stories of people who place sentimental meanings on their cars. As for your car, I sure hope you get to use it a few more years.

Leisa Dreps