Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Here's what's going on in my neck of the woods:

This is Tar. The Girl made her.

She came to me the other day asking for paints. When I asked why, she held up this lovely paper stuffed doll. I was quite impressed with The Girl's ingenuity.

I've been wanting this mug for awhile, so I got myself a stocking gift.

She loves to be upside down. At least the fitness ball is used for something, right?
Tonight is my only free night in a week of busy - tomorrow night is MarketDay (yeah, still heading up that committee. We moms are so bad at saying no.) Thursday is fun - company happy hour and then a Mom's Night Out. It's supposed to snow that day, and all I can say is it had best not ruin my day, darn it. Friday is The Boy's (he has requested I do away with the MonkeyButt pseudonym, so he is henceforth known as The Boy. I never said I was creative.) academic team party. We have pizza and then square off, kids against adults, with 6th grade questions (so as not to embarrass the parents, I suppose.) I kick rear at those 6th grade literature questions. Go me.

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