Friday, December 31, 2010

Resolution Report Card

A favorite of mine, Crafty Chica, did this on her blog. Now, you all know I love my resolutions - love thinking about what I'd like to change about myself, the sense of optimism I have at the beginning of a new year. Two years ago I wrote a long-ass "I suck" treatise on what I needed to change about myself. Last year I was a little more realistic - not saying I improved the self-esteem any, but dwelling on my own shortcomings is not a happy way to start a year, so they were short and sweet. Here is how I did this year:

1. Get a job. Make money. Buy less.

B+. I got a job, and made some money, although I did not really buy any less, in fact I probably bought more as I needed some clothes for work. I am also looking for another job right now, as this one was always temporary, it just stayed temporary for longer than I thought. I would like to keep the resolution as it stands - definitely buy less - but also add in "make a large dent in the credit card debt."

2. Exercize more. Eat less. Weigh less. (bring down the cholesterol.)

F. F-, because I didn't even get my cholesterol checked. I did start doing Zumba more often, and I will continue that, because I love it. This resolution stays, and I'm going to quadruple my efforts on it. I had some problems with my leg this year, and I've found that if I bring down the weight it hurts less. This is something I have full control over, and I need to take that control.

3. Take time to be creative each day.

C for effort, D for results. I enjoy it and it makes me happy, so I'll keep it on, and add "use my brain and be happy."

4. Blow something up.

F. Didn't get to it. Probably taking this one off, as it seems to have lost its importance this year.

This is probably the worst report card I've ever gotten. But isn't that the way I've performed the past few years? But that's ok. I'm refocused. I'm ready to face down my own inner demons. I'm ready for a solid year of self-improvement.

But evening of debauchery.

Ok, maybe not debauchery. It's hard to debauch when one is spending the evening snacking and playing games with one's kids and mom. Pathetic, you say? Perhaps to all you party animals out there, but I'm looking forward to my little family New Year celebration.

Later this weekend I have some pictures to post, but for now, have a safe and happy New Year!

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