Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Motivation comes in all forms and fashions.

I've been a member of Weight Watchers for 2 months now, and I've gained weight. The fault is entirely my own, of course - I haven't been tracking or attending meetings every week - but I do believe today may have changed things.

I go on my lunch break, which I kind of hate, as I am a big proponent of the lunch break. I love to chill with my book (and lunch, which I love.) But the WW place is close to my office and the timing fits. I keep skipping meetings since so many of the members would just sit there, sometimes nod - there was very little interaction, and I felt so little motivation. Of course, I just sat there, too. Well, today the leader asks us what sorts of goals we have that are not scale-related. One or two people mumbled answers, and finally I sucked it up and my goal for this week is to track everyday. No matter what. Write down everything I eat. You know, what you are supposed to do, and what I have not been doing the entire time I've been doing this. Which I also said. And everyone just opens up. Several different women mentioned their own problems with tracking, how they have overcome not wanting to do it - the ideas are flowing, there was interaction. And then the leader asks about what we are gaining from our progress (those who have experienced it), and then tells about a woman who said she had learned she was an emotional eater, and that her daughter was also an emotional eater, and she was learning to help both of them. Which inspires me even more. Because I eat from sheer boredom or exhaustion, and so does my daughter. If I can start to fix myself, maybe I can help the Girl so she never has to deal with these issues. At the end of the meeting everyone is chatting, wishing each other good luck, and actually looking forward to next week. How cool is that?

On another note, I am listening to a very cool album right now (as I write) called Veckatimest by Grizzly Bear. Sort of funky, psychedelic, hypnotic stuff. Worth a listen. One of their songs was used on some commercial, I think.

I really need to get the camera out and start documenting life a little better. But that will have to start tomorrow. Now I need to do a little cleaning and a lot of reading. I'm reading "A Dirty Job" by Chris Moore, about a man who wakes up one day to discover he has the job of Death. Have I ever waxed euphoric over the wonderfully hilarious Mr. Moore? So irreverent, so self-effacing, so tears running down my face, falling off my house, snortingly funny. My favorite so far has actually been "Fool", with "Lamb" coming in with a close second. If you don't take yourself too seriously, and enjoy unfailingly fun fiction, definitely give him a read.

I wanted to give you an image of Death to close with, so I typed "death" into Google images, and this is one of the first pictures that came up. It made me grin, so I decided to close with the Death Star, instead.

Have a fabulous, intergalactic evening.


Donna said...

Love this! the comments about WW'meetings that are mind sappingly boring until someone takes a chance and opens up. Oops, that's not a word, oh well! And, the journalling, which you know I hate to do. Oops another non-word! ack! And, the gaining knowledge to help your child...awesome! The author...which I've not read, but did put a copy of "Fool" away make me curious! And...well, rats...what was that other yeah...the death star! Very cool! to think, that's the first image that comes to mind??? really!!!??? how funny!!

Donna said...

and, get your camera out! I love it when you share photos!

Amie said...

I think the world would be a better place if everybody read Chris Moore...just saying'.