Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back to School!

I have posted so many times about my love for the first day of school. It is so much more "New Years" than January 1st to me. The Monkeybutt on his first day of 8th grade. He is holding his summer book project visual aide - a picture of the robots trying to unlock the planet Krikkit from the book, "Life, the Universe, and Everything" by Douglas Adams. I loved that series. He is also playing for the high school's JV golf team, hence the ugly orange shirt. But he looked nice.

Here's the Girl on her first day of 2nd grade. Isn't this the cutest picture? The outfit was adorable, but this was the best picture, so this is the one I'm posting. So far, she is loving school, but that is no surprise.

I took off the last week so I could spend some time with the kids before school started, and then some time without them. Unfortunately, I booked myself solid for the entire week. My mom and I drove up to Rabbit Hash, KY on Thursday, just to check it out. We both love history, and the idea of going into a General Store that had been there since the 1800's was very cool. Of course the place was really more a cross between a junk shop and a head shop than a General Store. But we did get to play fetch with the mayor:

This is Lucy Lou, the mayor of Rabbit Hash. She greeted us with a wag of the tail and a stick. She whined if I did not play with the stick. She was adorable. I would definitely vote for her. There was another dog who kept interfering with the stick fetching, and he was extremely friendly; coming up to lick my leg and bring me more sticks. I am pretty sure he was campaigning.

These sweet motorcycle-riding gentlemen were kind enough to let me take their picture. I loved the shot enough to want to share it. Aren't they handsome?
Anywho, Friday I had a yard sale which earned enough to pay for my dinner Friday night at Brio's with some friends. Yesterday was the first soccer game for the Girl and the first fall baseball game for the Boy. Busy busy busy, and tomorrow it's back to work for me!
It is, of course, time for my biannual list of resolutions, but I'll work on that later.

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