Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oh, Mitch Albom, really?

I've mentioned before my inexplicable enjoyment of the Sunday morning program, "The Sports Reporters" on ESPN. Mitch Albom is one of the contributers on the program, and I enjoy his writing quite a bit, especially "The Five People You Meet in Heaven," which was a book club selection last year. This past week he referred to a young athlete as having "bounce backedness." Seriously, Mitch, I get you were talking off the cuff here, but really? You couldn't come up with something as simple as "resilience?" I mean, you've made your living with words for years.
It hurts. Right here (pounding on the chest.)

By the way, have you ever sat and listened to "Zero 7" in the dark? Very mellow.

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Donna said...

in his author persona he has access to time to edit and rewrite...on the radio in his broadcaster's mode, he's having to think off the top of his head...assuming it's a live show...I really am not familiar with it, just thinking...sometimes the words just won't come!! LOL