Friday, December 25, 2009

It was a very merry, very low-key holiday for my family. First of all, I was woken at 7:30AM - not by my children, but by my usually very Grinch-like husband, "wake up, Missy, it's Christmas! Wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up..."

The children were not awake yet.

Presents, yummy breakfast, and games...a lovely, quiet day. And I know this is kind of grinchy myself, but...I'm kind of glad it's over. I love Christmas, but I'm very glad it's only one day a year.

And in honor of my favorite present from my mom:

Bork bork bork!


Donna said...

Oh Missy! How could I have missed this??

so...your Mom got you something dealing with pancakes? Kitchens? spatulas? Guns?? Muppets??

hi_missy said...

It was the Swedish Chef ornament from Hallmark. And it is staying out all year.