Thursday, December 17, 2009

Best of 2009: A Word that Encapsulates 2009

2009 was "unexceptional."

I realize it would be much more fun if I could use a more exciting word, but 2009 simply was not very exciting. Some good things happened: the birth of a niece and nephew, a great visit to Chicago, the easing of a dispute. Some irritating things happened: the regaining of some weight, money issues, the neverending job search, too much time on the computer, fights with the kids and husband...

A rather ordinary year.

Since I should have a picture to go along with these posts, I am posting a picture of my garden gnome looking unexceptional. Although I rather like my garden gnome. I love gnomes. They're so mischievous. But, he looks kind of bored, so it is symbolizing my post. And, the Cubs had a rather unexceptional year. So there you go.