Thursday, December 31, 2009

Best of '09

Resolution I wish I'd stuck with:

I made a huge list of resolutions last year. A list large enough to be called a dissertation, really. Implement all kinds of healthy habits and lose weight, save money, become more organized, be a better parent...I don't really think I did any of them any real justice. I joined and participated in SparkPeople, and lost some weight, and gained it back (I have since joined up again. '10 is my year!) I didn't save any money, I'm no more organized, I don't feel any smarter...

Whine whine. I do kick myself for not sticking with the healthy habits one, though -I was exercizing and eating better and feeling a ton better until April. Why do we stop doing things that feel great and we know are good for us?

Anyway, on another note - I went with some of my girls to see "Sherlock Holmes" tonight - awesome time, very fun movie. Totally worth going to see.