Monday, December 21, 2009

Best of 2009: Project

First of all, Good Yule! I hope you all have a very happy Solstice.

This particular "best of" post is one I've been waiting for, as I finished several projects I'm proud of. For my sweet friend A's Christmas present I tried a new collage technique using paper and watercolors, and it came out really well. I plan to use those watercolors (a gift to my daughter from my dad, but they are really expensive, good watercolors, and the girl is more a Prang girl) a lot more. But even better - I learned to sew this year. And like it! One of my favorite friends, another A friend, taught me to use my sewing machine (a gift from my dad and brother 4 years ago) in May. My first sewing project was a simple gathered skirt for the Girl:

My second project was a purse made from an old pair of my husband's khakis:

My daughter has 6 18" dolls - one real American Girl doll from her lovely godmother, the rest knock-offs from Target. She loves them all. There is this adorable retired man who builds furniture for the dolls and sells them at a local craft fair for ridiculously reasonable prices, and she owns 2 sets. This year my mom bought her another set (so no two dolls will have to share a bed, how lovely. For Christmas I painted each set of beds and sewed mattresses and pillows for each bed. I also cut some fleece into blankets, and I plan to attach two sets so they take up less room (they do take up a lot of floor space.) I've finished everything except the attaching. I'll take pictures of these once I'm done.

I've finished a lot this year, and now I have another task to mark off my list of "I plan to finish before I'm 40" tasks.

Now I'm off to bake cookies with my Daisy troop. Good times!