Friday, August 21, 2009

The summer list - update

I spent so much time without words this past month - now I am overflowing with them, but I must hold back the flood and let it trickle a post at a time.

To update the summer list - appropriate since school started this week. We did not complete the whole list as of yet, but here in our beloved Kentucky the summer weather lasts awhile, so we can, hopefully, grab a free moment here and there (between practices and games - so much soccer and baseball this fall.)

1. Make popscicles DONE - I made a tasty blueberry, grape juice and vanilla yogurt concoction
2. Go camping - we were supposed to, and then we didn't. Maybe some weekend in September or October we'll go over to General Butler. Even just for the night.
3. Ride our bikes to the library - we didn't do this either, and I planned to all summer. In fact, my bike has been hanging from its hooks for a few months now.
4. Pick our fresh tomatoes - I've picked some, and I will pick some more today
5. Make something summery and delicious from one of our kid's cookbooks
6. Paint outside
7. Hike a few new trails in the area
8. Read all together on the back porch
9. Go on a picnic
10. Have a bbq with friends - next week
11. Make GORP
12. Visit the local farmer's market - try something new
13. Run a lemonade stand
14. Watch the meteor shower - DONE and this was lovely, laying out with my kiddles on the chaise lounge, watching the sky. We were up way too late, but it was worth it.
15. Make ice cream sandwiches
16. Try a new salad
17. Visit the zoo - DONE, several times
18. Pick blackberries
19. Make jam
20. Make smoothies - DONE
21. Play a lot of games (especially Scrabble - have I mentioned how much I love Scrabble?)DONE
22. Go to a Reds game DONE
23. Go somewhere in a boat - any boat - we took the water taxis in Chicago
24. Go to an outdoor concert
25. Enjoy these last few weeks with my young'uns before they go back to the grind. DONE

I'm a little ashamed how little we did. That said, we spent hours at the pool, playing and swimming. We wandered the zoo, played games, and relaxed together. Number 25 was the most important one, after all, and we did enjoy our last few weeks.

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