Wednesday, August 26, 2009

An introspective moment.

I'm feeling the need to write, but I have little to say. You know what that means - time for another rambling, really going nowhere kind of post.

My friend A, my darling nephew and I went to Archivers (where good little scrapbookers go when they die) today. I spent $24, but then I put back all the pretty paper I bought, because I've promised myself I would not buy any more paper, no matter how pretty, until I use what I have. It made me want to cry, especially to put away the embossed green apple paper.

We also went to Trader Joe's, and they had dark chocolate covered raisins, which they are always out of, and I bought some, with great pleasure. I also love their triple ginger snaps - they are so delicious with hot tea. Before that, we had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and I picked the nephew up, and kind of jostled him to get him higher on my hip, and I slammed his poor little head on the pillar behind me. He ended up with a bruise and a lump, and I almost started crying harder than he did. I put ice on his head, and kissed it and kissed it and said 100 times, I'm so sorry, sweet boy and he said, "I'm ok, Missy. It's ok." He's such a pumpkin.

I just entered a drawing on Jenica's blog to win something beautiful from Liz's Etsy shop. The question to answer was "how do you honor your own talents during moments of doubt?" This was a good question for me to ponder; I have a habit of considering myself a "creative soul with no talent." I hate that. I hate the feeling of being a hack in a world of amazingly talented women. And, in thinking of an answer, I realized; I don't do creative things to demonstrate my talent to myself or others. I draw, photograph, scrapbook, sew, knit, and especially, write, because those things make me happy. The picture above demonstrates that fact perfectly - I'm sure a more talented photographer could have taken a better picture. But I took this picture, and the 15 other pictures of the same cloud, because I was sitting outside, talking to my brother, and the light was hitting this cloud so beautifully, and I really just wanted to capture the moment with my camera. I enjoyed taking the pictures. Just like I enjoy writing this blog - I take a great deal of pleasure in sharing words with other people, and there are some people who are just kind enough to sit and read what I have to share. I thank you all for that, but even if nobody ever read this, I probably would still write it. It makes me happy.

Wow, serious rambling. I'm going upstairs to enjoy this last 1/2 hour alone on my chaise lounge, on the porch, with a book and a bottle of water. Have a great day.

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Donna said...

Though I'm not always reading your blog on the same day or even week that you've written it, I do try and work your blog into my list of to-dos for each day. I enjoy reading even your rambling ones...maybe, especially your rambling ones!! LOL

Your photos are also one of the major draws to your do good work Ms Missy!! You need to just "let go, and do" in all your areas of talent!!