Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Last day of school, and other stuff

It is finally here...the last day of school. Time to look ahead to easy-peasy days of chillin', swimming, playing...


Our summer schedule is crazier than any school schedule. I filled out the calendar for June the other day - we have 4 days with nothing scheduled. Yet. FOUR. We do, however, have our afternoons pretty free, so we will be making good, wet use of the pool pass my dad gave us for Christmas. It should be interesting - the girl child was in afternoon kindergarten, and she really didn't feel a need to get out of bed before 8:30 most days. She has soccer camp next week, and she has to be on the field at 8AM. That should be a treat.

In other news:
-I opened my mailbox today and found a big, fluffy envelope addressed to me. My friend Bart sent me a rubber chicken for my birthday. All other gifts pale in comparison.

-The weather is chilly and humid. Which makes me think of Ferris Beuller and his fool-proof way of faking sick - licking his palms. The weather gods are licking their palms to get out of work today.

-The girl child was one of 4 in the entire kindergarten who earned more than 25 Accelerated Reader points. She got to go in front of the auditorium to get her award. Go Girlie!

-My favorite radio station has been taken off the air and is now only an internet station. I am un-thrilled. The call numbers are now for a country station. This happened last year when the station moved. Like we don't have enough country stations in Cincinnati.

-My two year-old radish and bean seeds are growing. The carrot seeds are not. I guess I need to get more carrot seeds - I really want to pick carrots this year.

I have to go clean the house now.


Donna said...

You can never have too many country music stations....according to my hubby, not me.

WTG girl child!! Strut across that stage! You earned it!

Sang tu ngoc said...

tai iwin - iwin - tai game iwin