Friday, June 12, 2009

Coming at you with yet another list of random tidbits because, A. this is, after all, Heedless Ramblings, and B. I'm feeling too lazy to go up, get my camera, actually upload pictures, and compose posts with a plot and whatnot. I do, however, feel like writing, and whining a bit, 'cuz I don't feel well and the kids are home from school, and I have been running a taxi service all get me.

Topic 1 - The banquet
Yesterday my MOMS Club held their annual banquet. As you know, I have been on the board for three years - first as Membership VP and then two years as president. I have enjoyed myself immensely, and really hated to step down, because, you know, I love being the center of attention. But the Girl Child will be in full time school this year, and I probably should get a job someday, so...I put a lot of time and effort into yesterday's banquet, since it was my last as president. We always held it at a restaurant before, but, what with the economy and all, we thought it would behoove us to go potluck. Plus we are a large group of very chatty women who hate to be kicked out of establishments because of silly things like, closing. So we rented a clubhouse, went potluck, and had a most excellent time. We ate a lot of yummy food, talked endlessly, I made up a wicked hard Hawaiian trivia game (we did the luau thing, minus the poi and roasted pig bit) and gave pineapples as prizes, installed new officers, and learned a lot of new, interesting facts about each other as women, not just as mothers. What an amazing group of people I have come to know.

Topic 2 - did I mention I feel kind of awful? I've had this cold that doesn't seem to know whether it wants to be bronchitis or a sinus thing, but it won't go away, and I feel yack.

Topic 3 - New crafty things. I made the gifts for my board members, well, one of the gifts. I also gave them gift cards to Noodles and Company, the new favorite restaurant among my mommy friends. I bought little jars from IKEA and adorned them with crafty tidbits and filled them with M's. They turned out way cute, but of course I didn't take pics. I also personalized little notebooks for the incoming board, and attached these little fluffy-headed pens I get from the register area at Staples (I love Staples!). Big hits! Yay!
Also - I've mentioned I have this great friend, we'll call her Al, who is this amazingly industrious person. She is the type of person who doesn't look at problems as trouble, but as challenges, obstacles to overcome. For instance, when she had a little girl, she took the hand-me-downs from her son and added little frilly whatnots, altering them to be little girl clothes, instead of going out and buying a whole new wardrobe (like I would have done.) 50 times cuter, and saving money. She found a stroller of the size and weight she desired, but it didn't have the storage or comfort she wanted. So she made pockets and pouches, added padding, of course all covered in cute fabric - the woman is the coolest. So, on Tuesday I went to her house so she could show me lesson two in my endeavor to sew - I made a purse out of a pair of Studmuffin's old khakis. I'll post pics later, but it turned out so very cute. I have a ton of pants to be made into these purses, as soon as I perfect it I intend to start making them to sell. I mean, they are seriously cute. And I am totally getting hooked on this sewing thing.

See? See how this blogging thing works? I thought I was going to whine the whole time, but I am actually feeling better.

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Donna said...

First off....sorry you're feeling under the weather.
Second and further...Glad you're so enthused about the new possibilities that are opening up with cool things like purses out of khakis and other sewing projects for the future. And...wtg on how your banquet came out...sounds like you all had a super time!!