Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday Night Updates:

I'm not feeling particularly "bloggy" this evening, but I know some of you get a little restless when I don't post here regularly (uhhuh, you know who you are...), so you get a list:

- Both of my children were up half the night vomiting. I am very lucky that it only lasted one night (knocking on the faux wood product my desk is made of...) Keep your fingers crossed that they both can go back to school tomorrow.
- I have finished all of my Christmas shopping. Go me!
- I have watched two more "good" movies since my post about "good" movies: "The Last King of Scotland" and "Into the Wild". I have to admit, I didn't much enjoy TLKoS. Don't get me wrong, Forest Whitaker was brilliant; but it certainly is not a movie I'll watch again. "Into the Wild", I might. First off, the lead actor, Emile Hirsch, is hot. Seriously. Second, the soundtrack is killer. Third, the story was true, and interesting. Kid graduates from college, gives away all his possessions and hitchhikes to Alaska. Along the way, he meets a lot of interesting people...but it seems he doesn't really appreciate the way they shape his life until he is alone. There is also a very important lesson: Do not give away everything and decide to live alone in a wilderness until you learn how to live in a wilderness. That's all I'll say, I don't want to spoil the ending. But I found myself wanting to kick him in the head, more than once.
- I am now really Needing to watch a dumb comedy.
- I have to make a batch of fudge for the girl's teacher.

My brain has just exhausted itself. I'll try to write more, interesting, things tomorrow.

edited to add: by the way, the lead of TLKoS (not Forest Whitaker), James McAvoy is pretty darn hot, as well. He was Mr. Tumnus in Lord of the Rings, and he was even hot then, with the hair and the extra legs and all. I do love me a Scottish man...


writtenexpressions said...

Um, The Last King of Scotland was a true story too . . . but I agree with you that both Emile Hirsch and James McEvoy are hotties.

hi_missy said...

I know that, silly. I just didn't happen to mention it.

Donna said...

Sorry to hear that the two kids haven't been feeling up to doing ok??

Missing your input on the board...sigh