Friday, December 26, 2008

First, we had a lovely Christmas, thank you for asking. The children waited until daylight to wake us up. I mixed up a big batch of real Belgian waffle batter to rise while we opened presents. I got the new MP3 player I was hoping for. Both kids loved all their presents, and they were not big, gaudy plastic toys. My Studmuffin actually grinned at his gift (a garden gnome dressed in a Cubs uniform. He asked for socks and underwear...see why I had to get something fun?) I baked up some yummy waffles.
And then the Studmuffin got the tummy crud.
He's better today, but it's never a fun thing to deal with a sick husband. At least not my husband. I adore the man, but when he's sick, he is 5.
Anyway, I made a huge dinner, my mom, sister, brother and kids ate with copious "mmmm" sounds, and I ran up and down the steps, fetching water, soup, and buckets. Did I mention I made biscuits from scratch?
We were supposed to leave for Peoria today, but out of respect for the seats of our vehicles, we stayed home an extra day. Which gave me some time to do some laundry, put away presents, and relax a bit. I nursed a decadent cup of hot chocolate and finished Jane Brocket's lovely book, "The Gentle Art of Domesticity." This book, a collection of essays about the domestic arts, and the author's love for such activities, was so warm and richly written, I took my time, reading in little nips and nibbles, as if it were a Godiva truffle. Even if the idea of baking bread, knitting or gardening makes you break out in hives, I recommend "The Gentle Art of Domesticity," as well as Jane's beautiful blog...and while you're at it, check out Amanda Soule's book and blog (her link is in my list of favorite links.) Admittedly, I haven't mastered knitting or sewing, but I don't feel guilty or anti-feminist for wanting to learn how...and I appreciate these warm and intelligent women sharing their love and experience for all that is domestic and creative.
Now. I should feed the fam, check on the husband, pack...take some time out for yourselves this week, sweet readers. Buy yourself a present, eat something delicious, read a decadent book. We are fabulous, and we deserve it.

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Donna said...

Hope M get's well soon!! Glad other things are or have been going well with you!