Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hello hello

My, have we been busy here...we had our annual holiday celebration with my sweet friend A and her family (including adorable nephew), which was good fun. We baked a buttload of cookies, ate very tasty Mexican food, and opened presents. A and I decided to make each other gifts - I made her a pair of earrings and she made me these adorable little fabric ornaments. Super cute. Kiddles are off school and the StudMuffin took both weeks off work, so we are trying to do fun things. Yesterday they all went bowling because...oh yes...I got the stomach virus. Actually I had it all day Friday, all night, feeling better Saturday, fine Sunday, then back on the potty again all day yesterday. Super fab.
All the shopping is done, two more gifts to be made, and I should be getting two in the mail, hopefully today. Christmas dinner is planned, laundry is done in preparation for Illinois travel. Where it is, by the way, in the single digits, and covered in snow. Yes, Toad, I know, we should have done Dallas.
Ok, the kiddles are begging to go bowling, so I must be going. I hope to get back on here before Thursday, but if not, Merry Christmas.

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