Saturday, December 13, 2008

Shows I Plan my Nights Around: yeah so, I'm an addict.

First off: if you tivo-ed it and haven't watched it yet, there are no spoilers here.

Dudes, did you see last night's CSI? I adore Laurence Fishburne anyway, and I am completely psyched to see him on the show - he was brilliant. Not that I'm not bummed that William Peterson is leaving and all...

I just started watching this show 6 months ago. It is just so freaking addictive. You learn so, cyanide smells like bitter almonds, but only a small percentage of the population can actually smell it. Blood can turn green - even if you're not an alien. (No, I do not believe everything I see on these shows, by the way. Obviously all crimes are not being solved by bizarrely attractive scientists with badges.)

Ok, now here's the fun fact of last night's episode: the serial killer featured in the show? Oh yeah, friends. It's Elmo's own Mr. Noodle.


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