Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Another one of those mornings I just can't sleep. Which means I can catch up on reading and writing blogs, but it also means by 2PM I will be very tired. It being so early and all, I am really not feeling the intelligent pratter vibe, if you get my meaning, so this will be a stream of consciousness blog. Which can be useful in it's own way...
Yesterday and the day before I walked on the treadmill for 50 and 43 minutes, respectively. All because of Sparkpeople challenges. I felt very good after. I plan to work out today, as well...probably aerobics, though. My legs are sore, but in a good way.
We had our MOMS Club open house on Monday. I put a lot of work into that, and I found myself rather stressed, which is odd for me, as I am all about the entertaining. It ended up being a decent event; we only had 3 new people come, but we had several existing members there, and 2 of the new people joined. So I guess it was a success.
I need to get my holiday cards started. Have you all started your shopping yet? I can't believe it is so late in the year...time is seriously flying. By next year I hope to be accomplished enough to make most of my gifts. I wish I was a craftier person...I mean, I make a lot of crafts now, but they're not exactly good enough to give to someone else. Everytime I put together a scrapbook page, or make a piece of jewelry I think, wow, someone else could do this so much better than I can. Which is not a big deal when it's for me, but I don't want to stick someone else with my sub-par garbage. Although I did make a pair of earrings for a friend's birthday last Friday, and they turned out pretty super-cute. My friend A and I have already planned some sewing lessons for January, so maybe I'll be sewing like a fiend by next year, as well.
This basement is a mess. I should clean it. Maybe later.
My stream seems to have dwindled. It wasn't flowing very smoothly, anyway.
Have a good day.

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