Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I would like to start a new feature here - a post every Thursday expressing my gratitude for something, or many things. I'm thinking it will enrich my soul.
But before I do that, many of you are aware that the candidate I supported wholeheartedly won the election this past Tuesday. I was, of course, thrilled, and excited, and all those predictable emotions. I need, however, to describe how pleasant election day was for me and my family this year. Monkeybutt has been very interested in this year's election. He carefully researched each candidate and decided, for himself, which one he hoped would win. Tuesday morning, the kids and I went to our local polling place to vote. The line was not terribly long, and I took the kids into the booth with me. We discussed the process on or way to Panera to eat bagels. Whilst eating bagels, we discussed other positions to be filled, and who we thought would do the job well. My Girl Child suggested our youngest cat might make a good President. Monkeybutt suggested our girl cat for "the head judge person of the Supreme Court, because she likes to slap random people around. Is there a head judge person?" I said I thought there was, but I wasn't sure, as I am not so informed on the processes of the Supreme Court. The guy sitting next to us happened to teach Criminal Justice at UC, happened to be writing a test at the time, and (happened to be very very cute.) He informed us that yes, there is a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and it was likely our cat would be a fine candidate. The kids left the table to put their trash away and I thanked cutie professor guy. He told me, no problem, and my children seem "very intelligent. It's gratifying to see." The man captured my heart then and there. I mumbled something about thank you, they just talk a lot, and left, grinning the rest of the day.
Anyway, the rest of the day was relatively pleasant, and how gratifying was it to come home from an election party at 11:30PM, after watching the excellent and moving concession speech by John McCain, to find my Monkeybutt, snoring on the couch with the tv tuned to election coverage? Sigh. I'm so proud.
Ok, so I am very thankful for that day, for my son's interest in more than just his own four walls, for Barack Obama, and for cutie professor guy at Panera.
I am also thankful for the unseasonably warm weather we have been enjoying, my new microwave that can pop popcorn without burning it, and my sweet muffin-noodle nephew, Ben who celebrated his 2nd birthday today!
Happy Birthday, Ben!

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