Sunday, November 9, 2008

Allow me to share my experience with you...

It's late, and it's time to go to bed. But I felt like sharing with you all the lovely moment I had this evening.
First, I spent today immersed in a flurry of kid-related activities. 3 hours were spent drowning in the sugar- and token-fueled insanity of Chuck E. Cheese. We celebrated my nephew's birthday, and he is worth every second of suffering, but I came home ready to knock my head against the wall if it would rid my brain of the echoes of electronic beeps, the screams of young children, and the memories of the jerky, robotic movements of the mechanical mouse and his equally decrepid robot back-up band playing unfortunate '80s music. I had an hour of the relative peace of only my own children beating on each other before we descended upon another child-infested horror - the school fun fair. Or, as it's called at our particular school, the "Mann Mingle." We had it all, friends. Long lines, screams, shouts, and begging of children, a wall-to-wall packed silent auction (where I did score a 6 month membership to a local health club for $40, so I'm pretty freaking thrilled.) I was sooooo ready to leave (5 minutes after we got there.) Got the kiddles to bed, and treated myself to several hours of blog-surfing, scrapbooking, and then, bliss.
I sat at my kitchen table, daintily picking apart that most delectable of treats, the eclair.
I get my eclairs from Emerson's, a local bakery. Now, Emersons does not do everything right. Honestly, most of their pastries leave something to be desired, but their eclairs are sinful. The pastry is light and flaky, the chocolate coating is thick and amazing, and the cream. Oh, sweet heaven, the cream is decadent. It is heavier than a whipping cream, sweet and vanilla. The pastry is almost overstuffed with the cream. I have a woman's appreciate of all things dessert, but these eclairs are a true Experience. I savored my eclair whilst perusing my new Scrapbooks, Etc, in the absolute silence of my kitchen.
I feel well recovered from my trying day. Now I shall go to bed and dream of creative scrapbook pages and sweet vanilla cream. Good night.

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Jenn said...

Love the new banner pic!! Gorgeous!!

Congrats on surviving kid activities and enjoying some down time for yourself. I also love the Thankful Thursdays - what a wonderful idea. May have to "borrow" that sometime. :-)

Oh, and we all knew how smart your dear children are. Don't they have smart parents??