Thursday, November 20, 2008

Only my daughter...

I actually meant to post this last month, but now is as good a time as any.
On October 12, the Studmuffin and I took our kids and my nephew to the zoo, meeting nephew's mom and brother there. We hadn't been there long - I think we had been to the playground area, taken pictures on a large pumpkin, and visited the rhinos and a few tigers. We were in the tiger canyon area, looking at the white tigers when the Girlchild says, "hey, I'm stuck!" I tell her to unstick herself, she can't. Her knee was wedged in the slats of the fence around the enclosure. I gave her a tug, she didn't come loose, and she started to whimper that it hurt. The Studmuffin tries to maneuver her going. She is crying by now that it really hurts, and Studmuffin (my engineer who can figure anything out) tells me to go find someone. Monkeybutt runs off one direction, I go the other (it took me forever to find someone.) I come back with a maintenance guy, but by that time, Studmuffin has the GC propped a bit so it didn't hurt anymore, and they have two employees with a screwdriver staring at the situation, trying to figure it out. Studmuffin informs them that they will need a socket wrench to loosen the board, and after poking at the slat a bit, they agree and call someone else to come with the right tool. (the mood has lightened by this point, A and I are giggling with GC a bit, saying only one of my children could get themselves into this situation, and I have taken out my camera and taken pictures, for the scrapbook, of course.)
Finally, a security guy comes along with the right tool, and they loosen the slat and get my darling daughter out. Everyone was happy. I have a new page to add to my scrapbook. And everytime we turned around that day, there was a security guy following us. I can just imagine the the radio conversations that day, "Do you have that troublesome family in view?" "No, do you?" "Find them, stat! We gotta keep an eye on this group."
I'm so proud.


Donna said...

A security guard tracked you the rest of the day????? Oh!! How funny!!
I'm sorry she got stuck, but agree it makes great fodder for a picture album!!

Jenn said...

Too funny!! Glad she wasn't seriously hurt. And I can't believe they had someone track you the rest of the day. They MUST have been bored to do that. :-)