Sunday, February 15, 2015

It sucked, and now it's over.

Oh my goodness.  It's been a rough one this week.  Best laid plans and all that.  I don't even remember what derailed the first two days.  I went to boot camp on Wednesday, and it was good fun, as we did a "balls and bands" workout, with medicine balls and resistance bands.  Thursday I overslept.  Later that day, the crazy happened.
My mom ended up in the emergency room.  Anyone who knows me, or has been reading here for awhile, knows my mother has had heart attacks.  Understandably, we are rather cautious with her.  Thursday, she was on break at work, when she noticed a lump on her calf that was painful to touch.  She did not hit it on anything, bump into anything, etc.  She tried to stand up, and she could not walk.  A coworker's wife had recently had a blood clot in her leg with similar symptoms, so they decided to call an ambulance.  After blood tests and an ultrasound, they determined she did not have a blood clot, and the doctor said she had "just a bruise, go home."  Of course, the swelling has only gotten worse, and it sometimes feels like it is on fire, so she saw her own doctor Friday, who said he thought she might have a burst blood vessel, but he doesn't really know, and if it still bothers her on Monday, she should go back.  As of this afternoon, she was still in pain, although it is not as bad.  I have some issues at work, and craziness with one of my daughter's sports...and I may have let myself get a bit overwhelmed.
Anyway, I ended up not going to boot camp Friday, either, and my eating habits were really bad.  Like, a kid with unlimited access to junk food bad.  All of this is to say that, one month into my Dietbet and Get Fit program, I am actually 3 lbs up from my starting weight.
I am going the wrong way!
Let's take a break from my whining and excuses to discuss a disquieting trend.
I went to visit my mom today, and we were watching House Hunters.  My mother is an avid HGTV watcher.  I used to watch it, too, but I lost interest.  Probably because I simply cannot relate to people with a $1 million budget.  Anyway, they looked at three different houses, and in each one, as they walked into the master bathroom, they would gasp in dismay over how "tiny" the bathroom was.

What do people want to do in their bathroom, gymnastics routines?  Seriously, what is the deal with the huge bathrooms?  "We have to have separate sinks."  Why?  Have you forgotten how to take turns?  I certainly don't want to go to the bathroom with someone else in the room, and if I'm in the shower, there is plenty of room for the other to brush their teeth.  How much space can you possibly need in your bathroom?  You think this one might be big enough?

Speaking of big bathrooms, do you remember those Calgon commercials in the early '80's?  I remember thinking "why are those women bathing in swimming pools?"  I just looked for a picture, but I couldn't find a clear image.

Ok, back to business.
Today, after dramatically throwing myself to the ground with dismay following my weigh in, I came downstairs and informed my husband I had to get back on track.  We went through the crisper full of veggies I have purchased over the past two weeks and haven't prepared, and cleaned and chopped everything that had not disintegrated into a primordial soup.  I have breakfasts and lunches planned out, as well as dinners for the next 4 nights and snacks.  I have my clothes laid out for boot camp tomorrow morning, and workouts planned for the rest of the week (as well as fallback workouts if the weather misbehaves the way they say it will.)  Watch out people.  I'm about to get fabulous.

Dolvett will keep me motivated, right?


Jen said...

Oh, my. I'm pretty sure I'd do anything Dolvett told me to do.

hi_missy said...

Yeah. I might have to make a poster to motivate me during our squats.