Saturday, September 29, 2012

I knew they were coming.

I've been doing so well since May.  No anxiety attacks.  My therapist is all, "I think we've figured out your triggers and you're working through them...what a success."  So why, then, when stress is a little higher than usual, am I sitting awake at 5:30AM on a Saturday, trying to deep breathe my way through an anxiety attack?  I went out and tried to exercise away some of the excess adrenaline - it's still there. 

A friend of mine and I are often amazed at how different our responses to our symptoms are.  She wants to curl into a ball and cry alone.  I want to be around friends.  I want to hug the people I love close.  Which is a problem at 5AM - nobody wants to be hugged at 5AM.  So I breathe deeply and desperately hope it will be better tomorrow.

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